Apple releases watchOS 8.4.1 with bug fixes

It's a little late in the day, but Apple is releasing a software update for the Apple Watch anyway. This time around, it's a minor update in the grand scheme of things, aimed at addressing some lingering issues for everyday users.

Apple launches a Personal Safety User Guide to tackle safety concerns like AirTag tracking and device access

Apple's promotional image showing an AirTag being held between two fingers

When Apple launched its device tracking accessory, the AirTag, it did so to plenty of fanfare. It was just one more Apple-branded device that was designed to help with everyday tasks. However, since the accessory's launch there has been a lot of concern about stalking and property theft. Apple has added features to help alleviate some of those issues, but now the company is going one step further with a dedicated user guide to help smooth over some of the wrinkles.

Unable to install update on Apple Watch? Here’s how to fix it

Fix "Unable to install update" on Apple Watch

Installing the latest Apple Watch update ensures it has the newest features and bug fixes. The process to get the most recent version of watchOS is usually smooth and takes a few steps. But if your Apple Watch software update fails, is unable to install the update, is stuck on the preparing screen, or the update takes hours, here are several potential solutions to fix it.

Why your Apple Watch may be slow and 17 tips to make it faster

Apple Watch on a light background with faint Cheetah showing fast speed

If your Apple Watch feels slow and takes longer to start workouts, launch apps, or navigate around, we show you multiple solutions to make it snappier. But first, let us understand why your Apple Watch is running slower and then the fixes to make it faster.

Note: This guide applies to all Apple Watch models, including Series 7, 6, SE, 4, 3 running any version of watchOS, including the current watchOS 8.