Voice Control

iOS 5 to Have Deep Integration with Voice Search

We recently told you about the rumor that Apple won't unveil iOS 5 until later this fall. Apple announced the details about this year's WWDC event, and multiple sources are claiming that we won't see any hardware announcements from Apple this summer.

On the iOS 5 front, rumors suggest that Apple will be heavily integrating voice commands into the next major iteration of iOS. The focus looks to be on voice search, considering Apple bought a little voice search company called Siri one year ago...

Apple Looking to Improve Voice Control Options in Their iOS

Voice commands, and even more specifically voice to text, has been a feature that Apple has kind of ignored up to this point on its iOS devices. It's also a feature that has certainly been a big hit with Google, and their Android customers. Sure Apple has given us Voice Control and the App Store may have several voice to text applications for the iPhone, but it would be so much better if it was built into the OS.

Well it looks like Apple might be after just that.  AppleInsider has discovered multiple job postings over at Apple.com that hint at some plans to give their ever popular iOS some major upgrades. The one in particular that stands out is the iOS Speech Operations Engineer posting, as current voice command options in iOS are lacking...

VoiceActivator Is Going to Change the Way You Talk to Your iPhone

Voice Control has always been something of anomaly to me. In fact, I'm always a bit startled when I see it pop up on my iPhone after accidentally holding the home button one second too long.

It's almost as if I've forgotten that the functionality even exists, although I know its tucked away in my iPhone somewhere. The point is, Voice Control just isn't useful in its current state. I can't recall one instance where I've actually used it outside of showing off the capabilities.

Fortunately for us, that's what jailbreaking is for -- turning mundane functions into something useful. VoiceActivator is the epitome of usefulness, transforming Voice Control into a hot commodity...

Preview: A New Jailbreak Tweak Called VoiceActivator

The iPhone has had "Voice Control" for quite awhile. And although many verbal commands are supported, the iPhone's Voice Control still lacks the potential it could have.

You can already use Voice Control to make a call and play a song, but it's a shame you can't have more varied types of commands. Wouldn't it be nice if you could use the iPhone's native verbal recognition to look up a webpage or launch an app?

A new jailbreak tweak, by popular developer chpwn, will soon be released in Cydia. Its aim is to provide more customizability and functionality to the iPhone's Voice Control...

How to Enable Voice Control on iPhone 2G and 3G

This step-by-step guide and tutorial will show you how to enable the Voice Control feature on your iPhone 2G or iPhone 3G. It is pretty simple but it does require your iPhone to be jailbroken. If it's not, simply follow one of our jailbreak tutorials.

This hack will not get the "real" Voice Control to work on your iPhone but it will install the Vocalia app, which is basically a clone of Voice Control with a few differences.

As usual when performing any type of file tweaking on your iPhone, there is no warranty that it will work for you... That was for the disclaimer part...

How to Get Voice Control on iPhone 2G/3G: