How to jump forward and back on TikTok videos

iPhone screenshots showing TikTok video navigation with the scrubber used to fast-forward and backward

TikTok used to lack playback control because it initially focused on short-form videos up to sixty seconds long. But with TikTok videos now up to three minutes long, the app's gained video navigation. Here's how to use TikTok's fast-forward and backward scrubbing control.

How to change your username and display name in TikTok on iPhone

TikTok is a popular video social networking service, which allows users to share short clips. Although it's been banned in some countries, millions of Americans still use the app. Several users have gained immense popularity and become influencers thanks to its reach. It is therefore important to have a good and easy to remember username on TikTok, specially if you've got a ton of followers.