14 Reasons the Editor in Chief of PC Mag Should Never Write About Apple

We told you there is a rumor going around that Apple might start selling factory unlocked iPhones in the US, starting this Wednesday. The rumor was started by @ChronicWire, a "side account" of fame jailbreak developer Chronic.

Today, PC Mag Editor in Chief Lance Ulanoff wrote a piece titled "Unlock iPhones: Why Apple Won't Do It" where he explains his point of view on the rumor. And boy his point of view is screwed. Let's dissect it and analyze...

Crazy Guy Uses Jailbreak App to Threaten His Former Co-Workers

Fridays usually are slow news days so it's the perfect occasion for sharing news pieces that wouldn't normally make it to iDB. This one is pretty interesting, especially because it involves a jailbreak application.

A 22 year-old man from Tampa, FL, used his iPhone and an application called CallerID Faker to make anonymous and threatening phone calls to his ex co-workers at Florida Energy. He faked the caller ID and alter his voice using the application so he wouldn't be recognized...

Man Pays $1,600 for Four Empty iPhone Boxes

A man in Manhattan saw an ad on Craigslist for 4 iPhone 4 at $400 a piece, for a total of $1,600. Because the seller was in Wichita, the buyer asked a friend of his who live there to go buy the iPhones for him. He sent him a check for $1,600, his friend cashed the check and set up a meeting with the seller.

When they met, the buyer gave the seller $1,600 without even bothering having a look at the iPhones. What a terrible mistake. Of course, the boxes were empty, and when he realized that and yelled at the seller, he was told that he had a gun, and that he should basically shut up and leave...

This is What Happens When You Grill Your iPhone

Why would someone waste time and more importantly money putting almost $2,000 worth of mobile phones on a grill? Well, for advertising...

No matter how stupid this was, I couldn't help watching until the end, secretly hoping the iPhone would be the last phone standing. Spoiler: it wasn't. If you have 2 minutes of your time to kill, watch this video.

Microsoft Holds Funeral Parade for iPhone and Blackberry

Oh no they didn't dare. Tell me this is just a bad joke. This is a bad joke, right? No. Apprently not. Microsoft marketing department has so much money and so little creativity that they put up a funeral parade for Blackberry and iPhone in celebration of the launch of Windows Phone 7.

This is just the most pathetic attempt at generating buzz for a product. I seriously hope that someone got canned at MSFT for approving this desperate parade.

It can't be worse than that. Oh wait, yes it can! They also engaged in a Thriller dance.