Man Pays $1,600 for Four Empty iPhone Boxes

A man in Manhattan saw an ad on Craigslist for 4 iPhone 4 at $400 a piece, for a total of $1,600. Because the seller was in Wichita, the buyer asked a friend of his who live there to go buy the iPhones for him. He sent him a check for $1,600, his friend cashed the check and set up a meeting with the seller.

When they met, the buyer gave the seller $1,600 without even bothering having a look at the iPhones. What a terrible mistake. Of course, the boxes were empty, and when he realized that and yelled at the seller, he was told that he had a gun, and that he should basically shut up and leave…

I don’t want to sound too harsh but this guy is a complete moron. Who would spend $1,600 on 4 portable devices without asking to look at them first?

Today, someone owns 4 very very expensive iPhone 4 boxes. If you happen to know this guy, tell him I might have a few more boxes to sell him. I swear I’ll give him a better deal.

[Wichita Eagle]