Auxo 2 teased in videos

In October 2012, we posted a few images from a concept by an up-and-coming designer called “Rethinking the App Switcher for the iPhone 5." As the name suggested, the concept offered a different take on the then-bottom-loading app switcher.

That designer's name was Sentry, who is now one of the most well-known figures in the jailbreak community, and that concept went on to become Auxo, perhaps one of the most popular tweaks of all time. And yes, folks, a sequel is on the way...

Aplo: a minimalistic theme with depth

An interface can be minimalistic and still be interesting. It can be "flat" yet still have depth in spades. That is, apparently, the mantra that renowned iOS designer, Sentry, subscribed to as he meticulously slaved away at his latest jailbreak release.

A theme packing in support for well over 300 different apps, Aplo is "flat" done right. We've had the pleasure of going hands on with the theme over the last few days, and, in typical iDB fashion, we've created an in-depth video that showcases the inner workings of the theme. You don't want to miss this.

New tweak based on Sentry’s ‘fan out app grouping’ concept coming soon

The news cycle was completely dominated by iOS 7 this week. As most of you know, Apple took the wraps off of its next generation mobile operating system on Monday during its WWDC keynote. And good or bad, people can't stop talking about it.

But that doesn't mean things have quieted down on the jailbreak front—it's just the opposite. Caughtinflux, an iOS developer and one half of the group A3Tweaks, announced this week that him and Sentry have a new jailbreak tweak in the works.

And it looks awesome...

Luna now available in Cydia

A couple days ago, we gave you a preview of Luna, a new jailbreak tweak that lets you turn Do Not Disturb on and off, directly from the Lock screen or from Notification Center with a simple pull down gesture. Additionally, when your device is unlocked, Luna will display notifications with non intrusive banners.

Luna, which was born from a concept by Sentry and developed by Ryan Petrich, is now available in Cydia for two bucks...