Rhapsody updated with TrackMatch and support for T-Mobile’s new unRadio service

Rhapsody has updated its iOS client, bringing the app to version 3.1. The update brings about a few new features and improvements, but more importantly it adds support for the new unRadio service—Rhapsody's joint venture with T-Mobile announced last night.

Among the new features is a song identification tool called TrackMatch, which allows users to identify and tag songs that are currently playing with a single tap. Rhapsody has also added Live Radio, enabling users to listen to live radio stations from around the world...

T-Mobile announces new ‘Music Freedom’ and ‘Unradio’ initiatives

During T-Mobile's event in Seattle tonight, the carrier announced a handful of new 'uncarrier' initiatives. There's Test Drive, which we've already talked about here, and two new programs for music lovers: 'Unradio' and 'Music Freedom.'

Unradio is an interesting new streaming music service from T-Mobile and Rhapsody that addresses "major pain points" of other services, and Music Freedom allows users to stream music without it hitting their monthly data allowance.

Keep reading for a full breakdown of both programs...

Rhapsody gains offline mode, exclusive playlists curated by human editors

I'm a simple guy when it comes to listening to digital music: the iTunes/iTunes Radio + Spotify combo pretty much has me covered these days. That's not saying I'm not on the lookout for music solutions outside the Apple-Spotify landscape.

Take the once relevant jukebox app and music subscription service Rhapsody (remember them?), which has been trying to become relevant for years now.

Just two months ago, the firm has renewed its efforts by overhauling its aging mobile app, adding tons of goodies.

In another update issued today, Rhapsody version 3.5 brings out standard social sharing features and the useful offline playback mode whilst putting exclusive curated content front and center...

Clinging for relevancy, Rhapsody revamps iOS app with tons of goodies

Remember Rhapsody, the jukebox app and music subscription service that once pitted itself as a chief rival to Apple's iTunes, only to fail miserably? It's been lingering out there ever since, watching its user base erode to not only iTunes, but to streaming music services Pandora and Rdio, which both received nice little updates yesterday. But don't write Rhapsody off yet. Today, they've revamped their iOS app which they likened to "the Ferrari of iPhone apps"...

Rhapsody app finally lands on iPad

You have to hand it to Rhapsody. It hasn't been an easy 11 years for the music streaming service, what with the failed acquisitions, and the rise of strong competitors like Spotify and Rdio. But the company refuses to give up.

And today, it has some good news for its subscribers. After months of waiting, Rhapsody has finally released a full-blown iPad app. It's been built from the ground up with a gorgeous image-based UI, and has plenty of features...