Readability 2.0 is out with new iOS 7 design and other improvements

Fans of the popular read-it-later service Readability will be happy to hear it has posted a huge update for its iOS client this morning. The app has been completely rewritten for version 2.0 with a new design and several other improvements.

The new design seems to follow the design language of other apps updated for Apple's iOS 7. The developers eschewed empty white space for gray matter, but text, images and various other UI elements match the redesigned OS perfectly...

Readr integrates Pocket and other ‘read it later’ services into iOS

As a blogger, I use Pocket, my read-it-later app of choice, on a daily basis. Sure, Safari has its own Reading List feature. But I use Chrome quite often, and find Pocket's syncing to be much more reliable.

That said, you can understand my excitement when I got word of Readr. The recently-released jailbreak tweak integrates Pocket, and other 'read it later' services, into iOS' system-wide share sheet...

Readability Takes On Instapaper by Going Free, New iOS App On the Way

Popular online reading service Readability has announced several big changes, including the long-awaited release of a native iOS app in the App Store. Not only that, but Readability will now be free for everyone, with users able to subscribe for a small fee to gain access to the "premium" experience.

Like Instapaper and Read It Later, Readability makes it easy to save and read articles online across a variety of devices. While many of the platforms' features overlap, Readability offers several things that services like Instapaper do not.