Readr integrates Pocket and other ‘read it later’ services into iOS

readr 1

As a blogger, I use Pocket, my read-it-later app of choice, on a daily basis. Sure, Safari has its own Reading List feature. But I use Chrome quite often, and find Pocket’s syncing to be much more reliable.

That said, you can understand my excitement when I got word of Readr. The recently-released jailbreak tweak integrates Pocket, and other ‘read it later’ services, into iOS’ system-wide share sheet…

Confused? Try tapping the Share icon at the bottom of Safari on your iPhone or iPad. Among other options, you should see one labeled ‘Add to Reading List.’ Now hold down on a hyperlink. Same thing, right?

This is all well and good for folks who use Reading List. But for those that don’t, it’s completely useless. And that’s where Readr comes in, as it lets you add Pocket, Readibility or Instapaper to this menu.

readr 2

Once the tweak is installed, you can select your service in the Settings app. And after a quick login via a standard OAuth process, you’re all set. You should notice a new ‘Read Later’ tab in the iOS Share menu.

Now, anytime you come across a link to an article or a website that you want to read later, simply do a long-tap on it, and the Share menu will come up. As far as I know, it works in most browsers and all stock iOS apps.

And that’s about it for Readr. Oh yeah, it also has a ‘Read Now’ feature that loads pages in a reader-friendly format, courtesy of Readibility. But my last-minute mention of it is a testament to how much I used it.

As a whole, however, the tweak has proven itself invaluable—way better than the bookmarklets I was using. I happily paid the $2 asking price. And if you use Pocket or Instapaper on a frequent basis, you will too.

You can find Readr in Cydia, in the BigBoss repo, for $1.99.

Have you tried Readr yet?