Raise to Wake

ShortLook is an OLED-friendly notification system for iOS

If you’re looking for a new way to receive notifications from your favorite apps, then you might take an interest in a new jailbreak tweak called ShortLook by iOS developers Ayden Panhuyzen, Jamie Bishop, Justin Proulx, and Jose Hernandez.

ShortLook represents your incoming notifications with a fresh coat of paint. While they’d typically appear as banners on your Lock screen, ShortLook depicts them as customizable glyphs that are then centered on a black or transparent background.

How to customize your Apple Watch Wake Screen settings

Apple Watch Wake Screen On

Your Apple Watch screen goes to sleep when you aren’t actively using it. But, there are some convenient features for waking it up that come in handy. Tapping to wake it, raising your wrist, and automatically seeing the last app you opened are just a few of the things you can do.

Here’s how to customize your Apple Watch wake screen settings.

How to turn off Raise to Wake on your iPhone

iPhone on its Lock Screen

Starting with iOS 10, iPhone 6s and later models have a feature called Raise to Wake, which like the name suggests, wakes the screen when you grab your device and lift/raise it up.

Those of you who don't like this new way of quickly accessing the Lock screen can easily disable that in the Settings app. We'll show you how.

Does your iPhone support Raise to Wake on iOS 10?

iOS 10 makes waking your iPhone from sleep as easy as raising it in your hand. Aptly named Raise to Wake, this useful feature automatically wakes the screen as you raise the device so that you can instantly see all your notifications at a glance. It may sound like it's no big deal, but it is. However, Raise to Wake requires iOS to constantly capture and interpret data from the iPhone's many sensors to determine how you're holding the phone in your hand.

In order to realize this feature in a power-frinedly manner, it reads data from the sensors using  an Apple-designed motion coprocessor, which also happens to be required for tetherless 'Hey Siri' functionality. So, does your iPhone support Raise to Wake on iOS 10 or not?

iOS 10 preview: your new Lock screen with Raise to Wake, widgets, interactive notifications & more

Having taken a closer look at a much improved Messages app, which delivers more expressive and animated ways to message friends and family, our preview of big new features in iOS 10 continues with a detailed overview of an all-new Lock screen. Wait, the Lock screen in iOS 10 warrants an article?

As you know, the Lock screen has remained virtually unchanged since the iPhone's inception. With iOS 10, however, it's  undergone some major improvements in the form of a refined look and feel, including vastly redesigned widgets, and new features such as interactive notifications, Raise to Wake and expanded use of 3D Touch shortcuts.

We think that many folks are going to appreciate how iOS 10 makes their device's Lock and Home screens way more functional than before, so here's a detailed walkthrough of all the goodies included in iOS 10's freshened up Lock screen experience.

Here’s iOS 10’s revamped Lock screen with widgets, Raise to Wake, rich notifications and more

Apple is holding its anticipated keynote presentation at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco this morning, which has kicked off the five-day WWDC 2016 developers conference, and they just announced iOS 10, the tenth major version of the mobile operation system powering the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

For iOS 10, there's a completely redesigned Lock screen that now makes it easy to respond to notifications with a lot richer 3D Touch support, the ability to enjoy widgets full screen, a time-saving feature called Raise to Wake and more.