Fake Ra1nb0wRa1n iPhone Jailbreak Website Deemed Not the Real Deal

Getting confused from all of the Ra1n? There's BlackRa1n, LimeRa1n, PurpleRa1n, and the upcoming RubyRa1n. It's enough to confuse even the best meteorologist.

To add to the level of confusion, someone(s) impersonating renowed iPhone hacker GeoHot has released a site called Ra1nb0wRa1n with little to no fan fare.

The fact that it received hardly any pub before going live was the first thing that struck us as weird. The fact that the site is actually pointing to a Chinese website, is the real thing that sent up our red flags.

For the record, although the site's whois records feature Hotz's name and a New Jersey residence, Ra1nb0wRa1n does not appear to be associated with GeoHot in any way, shape, or form...

PurpleRa1n iPhone 3GS Jailbreak For Mac

PurpleRa1n, the iPhone 3GS jailbreak developed by young hacker GeoHot, has finally been released for Mac users too.

You asked for it, and we delivered. I'm not a mac coder, so AriX and westbaer stepped up to do it. Also, some more payload stability improvements were made, and the windows version was updated to RC2a. There is no reason to run RC2a if you already have RC2 installed.

I updated the PurpleRa1n tutorial.

Note that PurpleRa1n is not a perfect jailbreak and that many apps won't work (ie. WinterBoard). Jailbreak at your own risks...

Unlock Your iPhone 3GS With PurpleRa1n And UltraSn0w

Since the release of PurpleRa1n, the first iPhone 3GS jailbreak, you are now able to unlock your iPhone 3GS.

To do so, you first have to jailbreak your iPhone with PurpleRa1n (see PurpleRa1n tutorial), and then, simply install UltraSn0w from Cydia.

It's that simple! Note that even though PurpleRa1n got an update, it's still a little buggy.

iPhone 3GS Jailbreak PurpleRa1n Gets An Update

GeoHot, the hacker behind the first iPhone 3GS jailbreak, posted the RC2 version of PurpleRa1n. When it first came out yesterday, PurpleRa1n only supported Windows XP SP2 32 Bit. It's now been updated and along with other improvements, it supports Vista and Windows 7.

Vista, Windows 7, International, 64-bit support Less flakiness in the payload Cydia tar cleaned up Improved logging with slightly more useful errors New kernel patches, codesign errors gone. Props posixninja Added vm_map +x, passed vm_check No winterboard yet, but now that ball is in Saurik's court :-) Still in beta, use caution

As you can see, WinterBoard still won't work but there is some major improvements. You may download PurpleRa1n from our iPhone downloads page (read PurpleRa1n tutorial). Use at your own risks though...

iPhone 3GS Jailbreak With PurpleRa1n

Not even a week after showing solid proofs of a successful iPhone 3GS jailbreak, GeoHot officially released PurpleRa1n, a tool to jailbreak the iPhone 3GS. The Dev Team planned to release their 3GS jailbreak after the OS 3.1 update but GeoHot just couldn't wait.

Normally I don't make tools for the general public, and rather wait for the dev team to do it. But guys, whats up with waiting until 3.1? That isn't how the game is played. We release, Apple fixes, we find new holes. It isn't worth waiting because you might have the "last" hole in the iPhone. What last hole...this isn't golf. I'll find a new one next week. Also your purplera1nyday files ensure that you can always get back to a jailbroken state, so if you have it it's just a matter of tools.

Before going through a short PurpleRa1n tutorial, there are a few things you need to know:

This is a beta release with some major hiccups. It is not stable at all. PurpleRa1n only works with 32 Bit Windows XP SP2 works fine on Windows and Mac You must have the latest version of iTunes installed The jailbreak is incomplete and many apps won't work (ie WinterBoard)

Jump the break to read the full tutorial.