Paypal updated with new security features, Smart Connect support and more

Folks who use eBay’s PayPal payment service will be happy to hear that the company updated its iOS client this morning, bringing the app to version 5.4. The update brings about an important new security feature as well as various other improvements.

The new security feature allows you to attach your mobile phone to your PayPal account so that they can be sure it’s you authorizing activity. It does this by linking the phone number(s) of the device(s) you use PayPal on to your 4-digit security PIN code…

PayPal reportedly offers to run Apple’s rumored mobile payment service

It’s no secret that PayPal and Apple partner on iTunes billing, making the payment giant one of the few billing methods available in iTunes.

Matter of fact, PayPal has existed in Apple’s payment system for years now. It would now seem that PayPal wants to run the iTunes billing backend with other retailers as the company is “willing to white label parts of its payment service,” according to a new report Thursday.

PayPal has a strong, established online presence and they’ve been partnering with a growing number of in-store payment companies so the firm could theoretically help build a rumored Apple-branded mobile payment solution…

How to make Cydia purchases the easy way

On episode 40 of Let’s Talk Jailbreak, Sebastien, Cody and I had a pretty heated debate about Cydia purchases. There seems to be a misconception about Cydia purchases in general, and a lot of mixed information. Some users seem to think that the Cydia purchase process is this arcane and cumbersome gauntlet that makes buying tweaks and apps undesirable.

It’s true; Cydia purchases can be more difficult than the average App Store purchase, but they don’t necessarily have to be. Inside, I’m going to show you how to use Amazon Payments to make Cydia purchases as easy as pie.

You can now buy iTunes vouchers through PayPal

The online payment giant PayPal today announced an interesting new service which allows U.S. PayPal account holders to buy Apple’s iTunes Gift Cards or gift them to loved ones.

This is especially useful if you live outside the United States yet have a U.S. iTunes Store account for instant access to all of the best apps, movies, TV shows and other content that’s often unavailable in local iTunes Stores due to regional restrictions.

Previously, you had to wire cash to someone in the United States who’s willing enough to buy an iTunes Gift Cards from the Online Apple Store or directly from the iTunes Store, on your behalf…

PayPal refreshed with iOS 7 design, bar code payments, Wallet improvements and more

PayPal has long had a nice albeit somewhat limited iPhone application available in the App Store. Back in September, they gave the software a much-needed redesign while expanding on feature set with useful new capability like the ability to pay at local shops, save offers and order ahead, to name a few.

Today, the team followed up with another feature-laden update. PayPal 5.2 for iPhone does away with skeuomorphism in favor for a much cleaner look that fits nicely into the overall iOS 7 aesthetics. More importantly, you are now free to withdraw cash, pay using QR codes and more…

Major PayPal iOS update: new UI, pay at local shops, save offers and order ahead

It’s been months since PayPal issued any significant update to its iPhone client. Today, the company took to the official blog to announce a brand new version of PayPal for iPhone, a major step up compared to the previous basic version.

In addition to the revamped interface, the refreshed software features front and center a new Shop section which makes it easy to find shops or restaurants nearby that accept PayPal payments. That’s just scratching the surface: the new build finally lets you check out at your local stores, pay at table, order ahead and even browse for local offers.

As a bonus, the application now makes it possible to switch payment methods on the go to make sure you get reward points from a particular card. Another useful capability: the popular Bill Me Later payment option has been added. I’ve included additional information and PayPal’s promotional video past the fold…

German online Apple Store now accepts PayPal

Although Apple has long offered PayPal as a payment option in the United States for both digital consumer sales on iTunes and volume software purchases by education customers, the firm never instituted paying for online store purchases using PayPal.

That’s ostensibly changing now as users in Germany now report being able to complete purchases on their localized online Apple Store using their PayPal account.

It remains unclear why exactly Apple enabled the feature in Germany (could be part of the broader Apple Store changes), but the move could signal a staggered worldwide roll-out…

PayPal hopes the next iPhone will obsolete passwords, once and for all

In a tell-tale sign that passwords had had their day in the sun, PayPal CISO Michael Barrett took the stage at Interpo today to spell doom for existing verification methods, predicting that more robust authentication protocols based on an open standard will replace passwords. While two-step verification can bolster account security – Apple recently enabled it for Apple ID accounts – PayPal alludes that secure authentication technologies said to make their way into Apple’s next iPhone may announce the impending end of passwords…

PayPal outs in-store payment software for iPad

eBay-owned PayPal operates in 190 markets and in 25 currencies around the world and has more than 123 million active accounts.

The company has had the PayPal Here iPhone app available on the App Store since March of last year. The free software has now been released on the iPad, marking PayPal’s first tablet app ever.

Essential to merchants who prefer PayPal and want to get paid directly at the point of sale, the program works in conjunction with a free credit card reader to let you scan an item’s barcode for faster checkout, wirelessly connect to a cash drawer and printer, track sales activity and more…

PayPal button coming to your favorite apps

If you’re a heavy PayPal user, good news: the company last Friday at SXSW 2013 announced a software development kit for Apple’s registered iOS developers to integrate PayPal’s mobile payment solutions into their apps for iPhones, iPods and iPads. As a result, those developers who choose to implement the new PayPal SDK will be able to provide a PayPal button for frictionless payments. And if a user wishes to use her or his credit card, they will be able to scan it in-app to make the payment…

Major US carriers, Google form mobile payments alliance, Apple not on board

In another sign that the industry has high expectations for mobile payments, four major carriers in the United States along with Google and a bunch of other players have struck a mobile payments alliance called Mobile Payments Committee.

The initial members include carriers AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile USA, but also Google, Isis, VeriFone and PayPal, in addition to financial institutions Wells Fargo and Capital One plus credit card giants American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

Apple is conspicuously absent from the list, as is mobile payment startup Square, which last week announced an interesting partnership with Starbucks. The iPhone maker, of course, is believed to be putting NFC circuitry inside the next iPhone and just recently acquired NFC and smart sensors maker AuthenTec for $356 million…

Apple’s most underrated WWDC announcement

Looking back at it, there was no shortage of announcements during Apple’s WWDC keynote on Monday. An all-new MacBook model, major updates to its desktop and mobile operating systems, and a new Maps app — not bad for an afternoon.

But amongst all of the oohs and ahhs of the new products and updates, there was one particular announcement that sort of flew under the radar. According to Apple, it now has more than 400 million active credit card-linked iTunes accounts…