John Browett

John Browett tells why he sucked as Apple’s short-lived retail boss

John Browett became Apple's head of retail in January 2012, two months after the Apple Store father Ron Johnson had left the company for a CEO position at JC Penney. His stint at Apple was a brief one: Browett would last on the job a little over six months.

Partly responsible for the silly Apple Store campaign, Browett single-handily alienated retail staff after proposing layoffs in a bid to prove his worth to the bosses. "We messed up," he admitted, but it was already too late for apologies.

Having tarnished the Apple brand, the former Dixons boss quickly fell out of favor with CEO Tim Cook, who fired Browett alongside iOS boss Scott Forstall in a major August management shakeup.

Finding a new role as CEO of Monsoon Accessorize, UK's low-cost women fashion and accessory retailer, Browett now reflects on his experience as Apple's short-lived retail boss. He told attendees of the Retail Week Live conference that he is a “kinder person” now and admitted he just couldn't fit within the iPhone maker's demanding corporate culture and work ethos...

Apple’s iPad in vogue with fashion industry

Apple has always produced fashionable devices, its sleek iMacs making multiple television appearances, for instance. Now comes word iDevices such as the iPhone and iPad are revolutionizing the fashion industry itself, altering how designers, publications and catwalk producers operate.

According to fashionistas, the iPad and iPhone screen are rapidly replacing the desktop computer display as how fashion is viewed. Additionally, iPad apps are all the rage for fashion designers and editors of industry publications...

Ousted Apple retail boss John Browett lands CEO job at fashion retailer

In today's episode of 'Where are they now?' we take a look at Apple's former SVP of retail John Browett. He began his career at Apple in January of last year, replacing the highly-regarded Ron Johnson, but only lasted about 9 months at the company.

Browett has been fairly quiet since he left Cupertino in October. But his name surfaced in headlines again last night when word got out that he has accepted the position of chief executive, or CEO, of U.K.-based retail chain Monsoon Accessorize...

Apple Stores outrank Tiffany in US retail sales per square foot

Next time you are in an Apple Store, look down. You are standing in the most profitable real estate of all retail. For the second year in a row, Apple Stores rank #1 with the highest sales per square feet, once again beating Tiffany for the top spot.

According to Retail Sales' ranking of U.S. chain stores, Apple Stores pull in $6,050 per square foot compared to Tiffany's $3,017. Apple's brick-and-mortar locations see 100 million visitors every three months, with each Apple Store visitor leaving $45...

Apple’s SVP of iOS software Scott Forstall to leave the company next year

This is huge: Apple just announced that some major executive changes will be taking place in 2013, one of which involves Senior Vice President of iOS Software Scott Forstall leaving the company. Forstall, as most of you know, has been largely responsible for the success of iOS and its devices. In his absence, Jony Ive, Bob Mansfield and other executives will take on more responsibilities.

Additionally, Apple's newly-appointed head of retail John Browett will also be leaving the company. A new search for his position is already underway, and in the mean time, all Apple retail will be reporting directly to Tim Cook.

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Apple messed up: retail layoffs were a glitch, changes are being reversed

MacRumors caused quite a commotion earlier in the week with a worrying story about significant layoffs of Apple's retail staff in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada, just a few weeks before the next iPhone's arrival.

Responding to news, Apple's new retail boss John Browett has gone on the record, likening those changes to a glitch in the system, an unusual case of management miscommunication at Apple, if you will.

Changes are now being reversed and Browett reportedly instructed leadership teams to tell employees that "we messed up".

Wait, what?