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Apple ranks highest in customer satisfaction survey for its soon-to-be discontinued wireless routers

Call it awkward, or call it ironic, but a recent J.D. Power wireless router satisfaction report put Apple at the top, with a score of 876, followed by ASUS (860), D-Link (856) and TP-Link (854). This report obviously comes at an interesting time as the company was rumored this month to be disbanding its router unit and stop developing AirPort wireless routers. 

Apple retakes top spot in new J.D. Power tablet customer satisfaction survey

Apple reclaimed its top spot in J.D. Power's latest US tablet customer satisfaction study this week after falling to Samsung in November. You might recall that the results of the report were fairly controversial, as the iPad beat the Galaxy Tab in 4 out of 5 categories and somehow still lost.

But not this time. It was close again, but Apple managed to retake #1, earning a 5-star rating and a score of 830 (out of a possible 1,000). Samsung finished in second place with a 3-star rating and a score of 822, and Asus came in third place, also with a 3-star rating, and a score of 820...

AT&T tops Verizon in customer service survey, T-Mobile most improved

J.D. Power and Associates published its bi-annual report on wireless customer care performance this week, ranking the top 4 US carriers based on various stats related to customer service.

The marketing research firm asked more than 7,000 subscribers how satisfied they were with the customer service they received from their cell phone provider, and here is how they scored...

JD Power offers bizarre explanation defending its botched tablet rankings

With the release of new iPhones and iPads, Apple has retired the somewhat defensive 'Why iPhone' and 'Why iPad' web campaign. It makes sense: Tim Cook & Co. probably think others should now defend themselves against the new iPhone 5s and iPad Air.

Fans will recall both of Apple's web pages gave undecided customers plenty of reasons to consider an iPhone and iPad over competing products, citing - among other reasons - rampant Android malware and high satisfaction scores by J.D. Power.

On the other hand, the removal of J.D. Power scores from Apple's web site could easily have everything to do with J.D. Power's last week tablet scores giving Samsung the top tablet ranking even though the South Korean company won only on price.

The results of that survey have sparked a heated debate and prompted some tough questions among the Apple faithful because the iPad clearly bested Samsung in all of the remaining five categories: Overall Satisfaction, Performance, Ease of Use, Physical Design and Tablet Features.

And now in a seeming PR damage control maneuvering, J.D. Power is attempting to defend the indefensible by claiming the survey wasn't botched and arguing the rankings hold up - even if the reputable research firm's actual explanation is pretty bizarre, to say the least...

Samsung bests Apple in latest J.D. Power tablet customer satisfaction survey

J.D. Power and Associates is an American-based marketing information services firm that's highly regarded for its research on customer satisfaction. Apple loves to quote their surveys, and does so at media events and on earnings calls.

But this is one report Tim Cook and company are probably not going to be mentioning. In J.D. Power's latest tablet customer satisfaction survey, Apple was bested by Samsung on overall satisfaction and in particular areas like device cost...

JD Power: Apple leads in satisfaction on AT&T/Verizon, Samsung on Sprint/T-Mobile

When it comes to smartphone satisfaction, carriers are key. That's the central finding of J.D. Power, which Thursday released its latest study indicating Apple and Samsung lead in satisfaction across all four major U.S. providers.

When it comes to the iPhone, customers of long-time Apple partners Verizon and AT&T love the Cupertino, Cupertino, company's smartphone lineup, more than any other smartphone brand.

As for South Korean Samsung, Sprint customers report are most satisfied by the Galaxy family of smartphones. Which U.S. carriers do the best job supporting smartphones? According to the study, AT&T and Sprint report the greatest satisfaction, followed by T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless...

iPad tops JD Power’s satisfaction scores for second time

After topping J.D. Power and Associates' customer satisfaction rankings for smartphones for the ninth consecutive study, Apple's iPad has now emerged victorious in JD Power's February 2013 tablet rankings. Specifically, the iPad recorded a score of 836 on JD Power's overall TabletIndex Rankings.

The index is based on a 1,000-point scale. Amazon's tablet scored 829 versus the study average of 828 points. The third and fourth-ranked Samsung and Asus tablets received respective scores of 822 and 818 while Acer came in fifth with a score of 782.

Despite Apple's relatively modest lead in TabletIndex rankings, the iPad fared far better in consumer ratings, another important metric of the JD Power study. Consumers rated the Apple tablet 'Among the Best,' giving it a score of five out of five. Interestingly enough, no other tablet was rated about 'Above Average' (four out of five) while Acer received the lowest ranking of 2 out of 5 denoting 'The Rest'...

The iPhone tops JD Power’s satisfaction rankings for ninth consecutive study

The iPhone 5, Apple's "disappointing" handset upgrade, has helped the iconic brand top the J.D. Power & Associates user satisfaction rankings for smartphones - and for the ninth consecutive time, too!

The iPhone leads JD's semi-annual report on smartphone customer satisfaction with a score of 855 points, an increase by sixteen points and sixty points better than the second-ranked Nokia with a customer satisfaction score of 795.

It's interesting that the Finnish handset maker rose dramatically by 93 points since the last survey.

Samsung is third while Motorola and HTC round up the top five. The average study score is 796 points on a 1,000-point scale, but Apple files as the only handset maker in the world to rise above the average...