iOS 7.0.3

Yes, it’s safe for jailbreak hopefuls to update to iOS 7.0.3

Following its big iPad event yesterday, Apple seeded iOS 7.0.3 to the public. While there are no major new features in the update, it does include several fixes for issues like iMessage, inaccurate sensor data, and more.

Initially, we warned folks who are hoping to jailbreak down the road to stay away from the new firmware until we were sure it was safe to update. Well late last night, MuscleNerd gave jailbreakers a digital thumbs up...

iOS 7.0.3 brings back web and Wikipedia search from Spotlight

A feature that could have easily gone unnoticed with yesterday's release of iOS 7.0.3 is the return of web and Wikipedia search directly from Spotlight. The feature had been missing since the first beta release of Apple's latest mobile operating system.

To access it, simply pull your Home screen down to reveal Spotlight Search. Then start typing whatever you're looking for. If necessary, scroll all the way down. In my experience, I've found that some common searches usually return tons of emails first, making the feature a little less convenient to use than I would want to...

iOS 7.0.3 apparently corrects iPhone 5s sensor calibration issues

A smaller percentage of owners of Apple's new iPhone 5s flagship have been inundated with inaccurate compass and inclinometers readings.

As you've likely heard by now, some of the affected customers in Apple's support forums reported readings consistently off by a noticeable margin. This has been blamed on a change of supplier.

Rather than tap its longtime supplier STMicroelectronics, Apple has opted to buy accelerometer sensor for these new iPhones from Bosch, a large German industrial company producing household appliances, automotive parts and many other items.

Haters came out of the woodwork screaming Bosch hardware was at fault to suggest Apple had run out of options and will now supposedly need to recall the affected units. Turns out the issue was easily fixable because the newly released iOS 7.0.3 update has made inaccurate sensor readings a thing of the past...

iOS 7.0.3 is out with iCloud Keychain, iMessage fixes and more

Though there was no mention of it during the iPad event this morning, Apple has just released a new version of iOS. The update, which brings the firmware to 7.0.3, brings about a number of improvements.

On the new feature front, Apple has re-added in support for iCloud Keychain. And as for bug fixes, there are several of them, including ones for iMessage, iPhone 5s sensor calibration issues, and much more...

Animation in iOS 7.0.3 can be drastically reduced for those with motion sickness

As we noted just a few minutes ago, iOS 7.0.3 is out with a bevy of new features, but one of the most desired features for a lot of folks is likely flying a bit under the radar. If you're one of those impacted by iOS 7's animation and parallax effects, then listen up, this pertains to you.

iOS 7.0.3 contains a much more potent "reduce motion" setting than previous iterations of iOS 7. In past firmware, the Reduce Motion setting located under Settings > General > Accessibility, did little to alleviate the motion sickness experienced by some unfortunate users. That's all changed with iOS 7.0.3, as the animation effects have been seriously downgraded thanks to an enhanced motion reducing setting.