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How to turn off Instagram notifications about new Reels being shared

iPhone screen showing recently shared new Reels notification from Instagram with a Reels and bell icon in the background

Are you tired of Instagram notifying you of new Reels shared by someone else? It's no secret that Instagram does this to nudge you to open its app and spend time there. But in most cases, those recently shared new Reels may not be interesting and certainly not worth a notification alert pushed to your iPhone.

To address this, you can easily turn off Instagram notifications about new Reels being shared. 

How to download Instagram Reels without watermark for free

How to download Reels to iPhone

Short-form video content like Instagram Reels has taken over. If you come across funny, emotional, or informative Reels, you might want to download them locally to your iPhone.

Once the Instagram Reel is saved in your iPhone Photos or Files app, you can share it with anyone via any platform. You can also keep it to watch offline or extract audio from the Instagram Reel.

In this tutorial, we show you how to download Instagram Reels in full quality without a colored border around it. Plus, the downloaded Reel will not have any watermark. And the entire process is free!