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Ways to save an image from a webpage in Safari on Mac

Save Image Mac Safari iDB

If you need an image for a school essay, article, or research paper - or just for your own personal use - you have a few options to save it from Safari if you find one online.

Before we show you these options, it’s important to note limitations when downloading images from the web. Just because you find an image, doesn’t mean you are allowed to use it for the purpose you intend. For more on this topic, Search Engine Journal has a handy guide to using online images legally that you can review.

Now, it’s time to get to work. You can download an image to a folder, the Photos app on Mac, your desktop, or as your desktop background. You can also simply copy and image and paste it where you need it.

Here’s how to save an image from a webpage in Safari using all of these options.

How to use the enhanced image picker in apps on iOS 14

Enhanced Image Picker on iPad

One of those iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 enhancements you might not notice at first, but is definitely an improvement, is the image picker. With this handy tool, you can browse and select images from your Photos library in apps like Mail, Messages, and Notes.

While there was nothing particularly wrong with the tool before, you will notice bigger screen, handy search field, and more effective design. All of this makes it simpler to find the photos you need. Here, we’ll show you how to use this improved image picker on iPhone and iPad.

How to search for images, attachments and scans in Notes on iOS

Enhanced Search Images Scans Notes iPhone

With some great new features that came with iOS 13 and iPadOS, the Notes app received a nice update. One of those improvements includes enhancements to the search feature. You can now search for items within images and scans you’ve attached to your notes.

Want to find that photo of your car in a note from last year? Need the invoice scan you sent Mr. Jones? If it’s attached to a note, you can find it easily. Here’s how to search for images, attachments, and scans in Notes on iOS.