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What the green light under your Apple Watch is and how to turn it off

Green Light shining from back of the Apple Watch

You might have noticed green lights shining from the back of your Apple Watch. If you're a new user, this flashing LED light might be terrifying, giving an impression that something is wrong with your Apple Watch.

But there is nothing to worry about. The rear green lights on your Apple Watch flash when it's measuring your heart rate or when you try to find it at night.

Here's more about the green flashing Apple Watch light and how to disable it if you do not like what it does.

How to use the Irregular Rhythm Notifications on Apple Watch

About Irregular Rhythm Notification in Health App iPhone

If you own an Apple Watch Series 1 or later, the enhanced heart rate features and corresponding notifications can help keep you abreast of possible issues. Once such feature is the Irregular Rhythm Notification which can help detect patterns possibly associated with atrial fibrillation (AFib).

Wondering what exactly this feature is and what it can do? Here’s how to use the Irregular Rhythm Notifications on Apple Watch.

How to turn on low heart rate notifications on Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch helps you look after your heart. The wearable can ping you when your heart frequency has exceeded or fallen below a specified threshold. An earlier tutorial explained how enabling alerts for when your heart rate is above a chosen beats per minute (BPM) threshold can potentially save lives. In this step-by-step tutorial, you're going to learn how to toggle on low heart rate notifications that can help protect the health of your cardiovascular system.