Gradient Wallpapers

Bright gradient wallpapers for iPhone

Some of the simplest images make for the most incredible wallpapers. Smooth, transitioning gradient colors are some of my favorite types of wallpapers because they offer a great splash of color, but do not overly complicate your Home screen. These bright gradient wallpapers caught my attention and I'm excited to offer them for download.

Gradient iPad wallpaper pack

Simple, yet complex, the gradient wallpaper genre offers an endless supply of color combinations. This gradient iPad wallpaper collection spans the color spectrum and each download includes a plethora of shifting colors. With a high resolution PNG file type, you should only see the smoothest transitions in your downloads. Perfect for your minimal, yet colorful preferences.

iOS 14 wallpaper gradient inspirations for iPhone and iPad

Apple promotional wallpapers are the most popular images we post on an annual basis. Everything from media event invitation wallpapers to images found on the Apple home page that never make it to the iOS release.

Today, we are excited to share Apple-inspired wallpapers which design is based on the iOS 14 reveal at WWDC 2020. There are twelve different iOS 14 wallpaper inspirations for download, all uniquely built from the iOS 14 experience video.

Colorful waveform wallpapers for iPhone

Waveform wallpaper sreeragag7 iDownloadBlog mockup

Every Sunday, iDownloadBlog features a shiny new collection of photo quality images in our Wallpapers of the Week gallery. This colorful waveform wallpaper pack for iPhone is a great new addition to the collection. An alternating, random waveform is combined with a gradient style, multi-color pallet on top of a dark background.

Gradient wallpapers for iPhone mega pack

Gradient wallpaper iPhone sreeragag7 idownloadblog wallpaper of the week

The iDB Wallpapers of the Week gallery is full of incredible images. Posted every Sunday, the collection grows by a modest number of wallpapers each week.

This week, I'm excited to have found an incredible, matching gradient wallpaper set for iPhone with fifteen total images. Given that gradient style wallpapers are some of the hottest on the site, I hope you too are as excited as I am to give these a run on your device.

‘Today at Apple at Home’ gradient wallpaper pack for iPhone, iPad, desktop

Today at Apple at Home wallpapers Matt Birchler idownloadblog mockup

Since the COVID pandemic outbreak, Apple closed most of its retail locations across the globe to support social distancing and prevent further spreading of the virus.

To continue offering educational opportunities, Apple launched ‘Today at Apple at Home’, which is an educational mini video series. These videos open with a series of colorful transitions, which we offer as a gradient wallpaper pack for our iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week.