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The best Google apps for iPhone you should be using

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Any list of the best Google apps is subjective, of course. Nonetheless, we'll give it a try. Here are the seven of the best Google apps on the App Store. Why should you care? Google's one of the largest companies in the world and its apps and services are typically compatible across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. 

Google rolls out News & Weather iOS app

Google began the rollout of its latest iOS app, News & Weather, Tuesday afternoon in the App Store. The newest in Google's collection of 43 apps on iOS, News & Weather displays news headlines on a variety of topics and features a detailed weather forecast view for cities of your choice.

News & Weather, which is rolling out in multiple countries, packs quite a large amount of customization in the way of personalized content, and users' settings appear to sync with their Google account. Until now, this app was only available to owners of Android devices.

Gmail for iOS update adds Google Drive support

Google has released an update for its iOS Gmail app that adds support for saving attachments directly to Google Drive and inserting Google Drive files directly into email messages.

There are also new account management options for hiding accounts in the Gmail app without removing them altogether. Additionally, users can now change their profile picture in the app's settings.

Google launches new Docs and Sheets apps for iOS

Google has launched a pair of new productivity apps for iOS this morning: Google Docs and Google Sheets. For those unfamiliar with the two apps, they're front-end clients for the company's web-based word processor and spreadsheet editor.

The move follows the release of Microsoft Office for iPad last month, and Apple's move to make its iWork apps free late last year. Can Google's business software suite compete in this space? Keep reading for an overview and more screenshots...

Google launches new Admin iOS app to manage Google Apps domains

Google's official Enterprise Blog today announced a new iPhone and iPad app to manage your Google Apps domain. Google Admin, available free in the App Store, lets you manage Google Apps users on your domain, change passwords, access support, review and filter logs, access group management features such as adding and viewing group members, deleting individual group members and more.

If you're an administrator hosting your domain on Google Apps, the app should be a no-brainer, but keep in mind you're still going to have to access the web interface to use some of the more advanced features...