Kiwi for Gmail makes using email an even better experience on Mac

Kiwi for Gmail

With Kiwi for Gmail, you can experience your favorite Google products outside of the browser. In doing so, accessing these services has never been easier. Here’s a look at why you should use this third-party app on your Mac.

The $9.99 app, which is also available for Windows, offers a range of online services, including Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar. Each of these tools is readily accessible on iPhone and other mobile devices through the use of apps. On Mac, things are different.

Ditch the web with Kiwi for Gmail

Web-based software products are available through browsers, such as Safari and Google Chrome, regardless of platform. Unfortunately, the more of these products you need to use, the more difficult it can be. If you’re a Google user with multiple accounts, the difficulty level increases even more.

I’ve never been happy with Apple’s Mail app for Mac. Because of this, until a few months ago, I accessed my three Gmail accounts using separate tabs on Safari on my Mac. Then I found Kiwi for Gmail, which allowed me to gain some control of these accounts. Best of all, the app also helped me better utilize Google’s G-Suite offerings.

Not just email

With G-Suite, you can access other Google products from the main Kiwi window, including Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, plus Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Contacts. When clicked, these apps open in new app windows, not a web browser. Convenient, no?


There are other Kiwi for Gmail features worth highlighting. First, accessing recently opened documents in Kiwi is a breeze. Just go File > Recently Closed Docs and you’ll see your items on the list.

The Zen Switch is also useful. Located on the Mac toolbar, this nifty tool allows you to quiet email alerts from the application. This includes email counts, badges, and notifications. This tool is excellent for when you’re nearing a deadline, for example, and need some quiet time.

Zen Switch

Finally, did I mention just how easy it is to access multiple emails using Kiwi for Gmail? Just tap on the separate tabs at the top of the screen to take control of each account. Bye-bye, three Safari tabs!

Multiple emails

If you’re still wondering whether Kiwi for Gmail is for you, consider this critical point. With all the recent data leaks and breaches, now’s a great time to decrease the size of your digital footprint. Kiwi helps you do this by moving the email process out of the browser.

About the Gmail redesign

Back in April, Google launched a redesigned Gmail interface that remains in preview mode. As of May, Kiwi supports this new interface, as it explains on the Kiwi blog:

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just released new updates for both Kiwi for Gmail and Kiwi for G Suite that now support the new Gmail interface. If you’ve chosen to try Gmail’s new design, please make sure to install the most recent updates.

If you like using Google products, but not through a web browser, consider Kiwi for Gmail.

You can find Kiwi for Gmail via the Mac App Store.