Swarm now lets you check in from your Lock screen with iOS 8 Notification Center widget

Swarm, a dedicated check-in app by Foursquare, has received a tremendously useful update Friday which makes it dead simple to check in to your favorite locations right from your Lock screen without even opening the app, thanks to a brand new Notification Center widget available on iOS 8 devices.

The Swarm widget in the 1.3 update also gives you an at-a-glance view of a few of your friends who are especially close, helping you get a sense of who’s around.

Foursquare revamps mobile app around Yelp-like features and focus on location discovery

Foursquare, the popular location-based social networking service, recently announced plans to remove social features and check-ins from its original mobile client.

Thus, Swarm was born.

By striping the mobile client off unnecessary features, the logic went, Foursquare aimed to provide its users with a lightweight app that would have a strong focus on location discovery.

After announcing the redesigned new app and showing off a new logo two weeks ago, the new Forusquare 8.0 for iPhone is now available in the App Store. It "learns what you like and leads you to places you love," as per the blurb, and is a lot like Yelp now.

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Foursquare announces new app, new logo and more

Foursquare, the popular location-based social network, made a string of significant announcements today. Apparently the company has decided it's time to move all check-in activity—its trademark feature—over to its Swarm client, and create an all-new application.

The new app, Foursquare says, will be all about 'personalized local search.' No two people will have the same experience, as it will be based on a number of factors including user taste, people they follow, and places they visit. Oh yeah, and there's a whole new logo too...

Foursquare refreshes Swarm with better check-ins, easier sharing and other enhancements

Foursquare, the popular location-based social networking service, back in May took all the gamified features out of its main iOS client - the mayorships, check-ins, leaderboards, achievements and what not - and created a new app around them, Swarm. As a result, the main Foursquare app is now focused on place discovery , not the check-ins.

The lightweight Swarm app makes it easy to see who’s out nearby, who’s doing what, who wants to hang out later and more. Today, the app has received a refresh bringing out several new features.

Now available to download in the App Store, Swarm 1.0.6 features better check-ins, friend leaderboards, easier sharing, more detailed information about places and more...

Foursquare’s new Swarm app now available

Earlier this morning, I diligently informed you that the crowd-sourced location platform Foursquare has updated its free iPhone check-in software ahead of the impending launch of a brand new Swarm app later today.

Now available free in the App Store, Swarm for iPhone integrates gamified features from the main Foursquare app to “help people keep up and meet up with their friends”.

It combines all-new mayorships, while introducing intriguing new stuff such as popular stickers. Basically, the app offers detailed insights about your life and lets you connect to friends in your neighborhood to explore their activities.

Swarm arrives ahead of Foursquare's search-focused revamp due this summer. And when it drops, the Foursquare app will no longer let you check-in to places. If you have updated to the new Foursquare 7.0.8 and have Swarm installed, you should be able to peek at some of the upcoming changes inside the Foursquare app...

Foursquare updated ahead of Swarm app launch

Foursquare, the popular location-based social platform, is set to release a brand new Swarm app today which will "help people keep up and meet up with their friends".

As a result, the existing free iOS client has just been updated with some changes you should know about. Announced two weeks ago, Swarm combines new mayorships, introduces stickers, offers detailed insights about your life and much more.

If you have Swarm installed, the new Foursquare 7.0.8 update includes a peek at some of the upcoming changes to Foursquare ahead of a major search-focused revamp due this summer...

Instagram reportedly testing location integration with Facebook Places

Facebook-owned Instagram has traditionally relied on Foursquare for its vast database of points of interest.

For example, upon uploading a photograph Instagram gives you an option of choosing a location where the image was taken using its Foursquare integration, simply by tapping a 'Name This Location' button.

Post acquisition, however, things have become a little weird.

Facebook has long been maintaining its own location database, Facebook Places. Two years into the acquisition, Instagram has now started using Facebook Places as its mapping service, at least for a subset of its users.

Despite this (expected) change, more than the 150 million Instagram fans can continue to share their check-ins to Foursquare from Instagram...

Microsoft buys $15 million stake in Foursquare

It's been a pretty big day for Microsoft. Following the news earlier today that Satya Nadella has been named the company's new CEO, and Bill Gates would be stepping down as chairman, comes word that the Windows maker has made a sizable investment in Foursquare.

The deal, which has been confirmed by both parties, is said to be worth $15 million, and it will give Microsoft access to Forsquare's mountain of mobile data. The company plans to utilize the data in its Bing mapping software and various other Windows Phone applications...

Foursquare now lets you order in from local restaurants

A fresh update to Foursquare’s free iPhone and iPad application has enabled an interesting new feature: from now on, whenever you fancy a bite - be it breakfast, lunch or dinner - you can use either the mobile app or the web interface at to find nearby restaurants that accept orders from Grubhub Seamless, the popular U.S. based online food ordering company.

You'll notice a new GrubHub or Seamless icon when browsing a place in Foursquare. Just tap it to place your order through GrubHub Seamless. To retrieve a list of nearby restaurants that will bring food to you and your hungry friends, simply search for 'delivery' (example: 'taco delivery')...

Foursquare releases its major iOS 7 overhaul

Foursquare, the location-based social networking website, has seen the September 18 release of iOS 7 come and go without a matching update to its iOS app on its part.

The company last month issued a fairly significant update that brought out a new recommendations feature which sends you useful location-based information, in real-time, like current specials at a restaurant.

Today's update finally brings Foursquare for iPhone and iPod touch on par with iOS 7 aesthetics. Foursquare is one of those apps that already had light design of sorts, but now it's much prettier and easier on the eyes...

Foursquare app updated with new design and real-time recommendations

Foursquare has issued a fairly significant update to its iOS client today, bringing the app to version 6.4. The update includes a number of improvements, including new UI and an all-new 'Nearby' button.

But easily the biggest addition to Foursquare 6.4 is the new Real-time recommendations feature. With it enabled, the app will send you useful location-based information, like current specials at a restaurant...

Foursquare app updated with the ability to check friends in and more

Good news this afternoon for all of you Foursquare users out there. The iOS app was updated today with a handful of new features and improvements. Users can now check in their friends (only with their permission of course) and there have been some handy adjustments made to the Explore tab, making it easier to discover new places...