Foursquare app updated with the ability to check friends in and more

foursquare 622

Good news this afternoon for all of you Foursquare users out there. The iOS app was updated today with a handful of new features and improvements. Users can now check in their friends (only with their permission of course) and there have been some handy adjustments made to the Explore tab, making it easier to discover new places…

Here are the release notes for Foursquare version 6.2.2:

“Less tapping, more exploring! Save time while you’re out with friends with the new option to check them in (only with their permission, of course!).

Plus with new filters in Explore, you can do searches to suit your every need. Looking for a cheap, friend-approved lunch spot that you haven’t tried yet? Or maybe you want to sort your coffee recommendations by distance. Tap the search bar at the top of the screen, then filter by options like “price,” “specials,” “distance,” “haven’t been,” or “open now” to find the perfect place.”

The new ‘check-in friends’ option is extremely convenient for folks who tend to go out with groups of people. Say you’re going out for drinks with some friends. Whoever arrives first just has to tag the others and the app will automatically check them in. That’s with their permission of course, and users can easily delete unwanted check-ins.

And the new filters in the Explore tab are also worth mentioning. As the release notes state, they can help you narrow down search results by things like price and distance. I think it would really come in handy in the above scenario, going out for drinks, as you’d be able to track down which of your local bars or restaurants are running specials.

As usual, you can find the Foursquare app in the App Store for free.