Fleksy keyboard breaks Guinness World Record for fastest texting

Fleksy, the popular Android keyboard and alternative to Apple’s stock iOS keyboard, has broken the Guinness World Record for fastest texting. A longtime user named Marcel used Fleksy’s Android keyboard app to break Microsoft’s Guinness World Record for fastest texting with a final time of 18.19 seconds.

He bested Microsoft’s previous Windows Phone WordFlow keyboard record by 0.25 seconds, Fleksy said. Celebrating the award, Fleksy has updated its keyboard software for iOS and Android with core engine improvements focused on accuracy…

Fleksy Keyboard for iOS refreshed with revamped UI, six new themes and more

As you know, Apple has not yet opened up the iPhone’s virtual keyboard to developers so you can’t just go into the App Store and replace the stock iOS keyboard with a custom one, like on Android.

But where some see failures, others like Fleksy see opportunities. For those unfamiliar with Fleksy, it’s the first alternate keyboard with gestures available to third-party developers across the entire iOS ecosystem.

Also available on Android, Fleksy Keyboard has seen over a million cumulative downloads across platforms, with about half of the downloads coming from iOS.

Following a 2.0 release on Android earlier this year, today Fleksy Keyboard has been bumped to version 3.1, featuring a completely revamped user interface, six new UI themes and more…

How to enable the Fleksy Keyboard in stock applications

The Fleksy Keyboard is a third-party keyboard with an SDK that iOS developers can tap into if given access by Fleksy. The benefits of using the Fleksy Keyboard over the stock iOS keyboard is readily apparent after just a brief hands-on experience. You can actually go out to the App Store right now to download the standalone Fleksy Keyboard app to try it out. Other apps, like Launch Center Pro, have recently incorporated Fleksy in-app, providing for an arguably better typing experience.

But what about using the Fleksy Keyboard with built-in apps like Messages, Reminders; even Safari? What then? Up until now, this has been impossible. But the recent creation of a brand new jailbreak tweak called Fleksy Enabler, allows you to use the popular keyboard with some first-party and unsupported third-party apps.

Fleksy’s predictive touch keyboard now available to all iOS developers

After releasing its predictive touch keyboard, Fleksy, in partnership with select launch partner apps such as Launch Center Pro, GV Connect, Blindsquare and Wordbox, the San Francisco-based startup behind the software has moved the SDK out of private beta so now all iOS devs can incorporate Fleksy as an alternative soft keyboard within their apps.

The Fleksy SDK requires no sign up, allows for different keyboard themes and is now available completely free of charge…

Fleksy launches third-party iOS keyboard SDK

Although the stock iOS keyboard has come a long way since the original iPhone, Apple in past six years has largely made incremental improvements to one of the most important features of touch devices. For example, a new keyboard in iOS 7 features a number of smart functions such as the improved auto-correct function, while introducing new light and dark themes.

Enter Fleksy, a San Francisco-based startup which has offered up its own keyboard app for iOS devices for the past year and a half. They have now created a software development kit (SDK) allowing Apple’s registered iOS developers to implement additional keyboard layouts and looks in their apps to augment Apple’s rather restricted stock choices…