Dish Network

Satellite TV provider Dish launches iPhone repair service

In a surprise move today, satellite television provider Dish Network unveiled a brand new smartphone repair service for customers in the United States who can ask for a technician to visit them and fix their iPhone's screen or battery. The service is called 'Smart Phone Repair On Your Turf'.

Dish has deployed its nationwide fleet of technicians who can reach homes or businesses in any of the 50 U.S. states to repair iPhones for consumers whether or not they are Dish customers.

So, what kind of prices does Dish charge for screen and battery repairs?

Dish’s Sling TV launches live, adds AMC network

Following a limited invite-only launch last month, Dish's Sling TV service is now available to everyone in the United States, the company announced Monday.

In addition, the service has added AMC to the basic channel lineup so you'll be able to watch Better Call Saul, Mad Men and Walking Dead, for example.

Cutting the cord gets real: $20 per month Sling TV service rolling out

Better late than never — at last it's possible to get premium entertainment without having to become a cable subscriber.

Sling TV, Dish's new web-based subscription service, promises a revolution: in exchange for a flat fee of twenty bucks per month, it taps the Internet to deliver a package of ESPN and a bunch of other premium live feeds to a plethora of different devices, no contract and no commitment required, Re/code reported Monday.

The staggered roll-out begins today: just register on the website and wait patiently for that invite to hit your inbox (they'll start sending them at midnight). The service will be “widely available in the next couple weeks.”

Southwest Airline and Dish launch iPad 2 loan program ahead of holiday travels

Just in time for the maddening holiday travel rush, one U.S. airline has announced plans to provide flyers with a loaner iPad and satellite programming. The 'DISH Anywhere' offer by Southwest Airlines and the satellite television network is available to passenger flying between Denver, Oakland and Chicago.

The iPad 2 loaner program follows Southwest's earlier Watch on the Fly service, bringing free DISH programming to airline customers owning an iDevice...

Dish and Southwest Airlines partnership enables in-flight live TV on iDevices

If you're a Southwest Airlines customer, starting today you can get free live TV onboard, thanks to the company's partnership with Dish. Free live and on-demand TV is available on all Wi-Fi equipped Southwest flights, which is about three-quarters of the airline's fleet.

Even better, you can watch TV on your iPhone or iPad instead of tiny screens built into seats. They spared no expense so Dish's 'Boston Guy' surprised each of the more than a hundred Southwest Customers with a free iPad 2 in honor of the new partnership...

Dish puts $25B on table towards snagging Sprint from Japan’s Softbank

Dish Network has launched a $25.5 billion cash and stock bid to snag carrier Sprint from Japan's communications giant Softbank, according to reports Monday morning. Should Sprint accept the offer and regulators approve the deal, consumers will get a new service that could combine mobile, broadband and television.

Dish is the nation's second-largest direct-broadcast satellite service provider which serves just over fourteen million Americans. Sprint Nextel with its 47.5 million subscribers files as the third-largest wireless carrier in the United States. The proposed merger comes at an interesting time, just as Softbank's proposed acquisition of 70 percent of Sprint for $20.1 billion is nearing its completion in the second quarter of 2013...