Add powerful new features to the Now Playing interface with Apace 2

If you appreciated the first Apace jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Andreas Henriksson, then you’ll likely have a sweet spot for its iOS 11-compatible successor: Apace 2 (iOS 11).

Apace 2 augments your iOS handset’s Now Playing interface with features relevant to the app you use to listen to your favorite tunes. Whether you’re partial to Spotify, Deezer, or the native Music app, you could potentially benefit from what Apace 2 brings to the table.

Deezer music-streaming service is now available to everyone in the United States

Music-streaming service Deezer yesterday launched to everyone in the United States. The service, which has 40 million licensed tracks in its library, used to be available in the US via partnerships with Bose and Cricket Wireless, as well as Sonos. Sonos customers who paid $20 a month for Deezer Elite were able to wirelessly stream music from Deezer, but now everyone in the country can sign up for the Deezer Premium+ service on the web ($9.99 per month) or through the mobile app ($12.99 per month).

Deezer Music launches Apple Watch app

Deezer, a cross-platform music streaming service, is now available on your Apple Watch as a native app.

The new watchOS 2 app lets you access your favorite music, use Deezer's Flow feature, see the latest hits and access Deezer's personalized mixes, all with the flick of your wrist.

On iOS devices, Deezer now provides lots of new recommendations to your Flow feed and lets users unlink devices connected to their Deezer account using the mobile app.