Closer Look iOS 7

A closer look at Frequent Locations in iOS 7

Apple's iOS 7 upgrade, when it lands this Fall, will allow users to opt-in to mapping where they've been since installing the software, how many times and for how long. The Frequent Locations feature, which first appeared in iOS 7 Beta, is found in Settings. When enabled, it permits iOS devices to use GPS coordinates of the places you frequently visit, Apple explains.

The opt-in, consumer-facing feature is provided for the purposes of improving Maps (and other location-based products and services), providing useful location-related information and letting you check out a handy map history of the places you've visited. Here's what you need to know about Frequent Locations in iOS 7...

A closer look at iOS 7 parallax effect

Apple's iOS 7 aims to delight through subtle use of lively user interface animations and effects, employing physics, translucency, smoked panels and other visual tricks to achieve its multi-layered appearance. Among them is the so-called parallax effect that creates a sense of dimension by putting your Home screen icons onto a layer separate from your background image.

It comes to life when moving your device around, which tilts the wallpaper behind the icons slightly. The effect is also observable in a few other places throughout the system and is coming to your favorite apps via new APIs in iOS 7. If you've ever wondered about the science behind the magic, here's your answer...

A closer look at smarter keyboard in iOS 7

The iOS virtual keyboard has seen little changes since the iPhone's inception six years ago. Apart from a few  baby steps here and there, each new major iOS release has brought little in terms of improving the typing experience on iPhones, iPads and iPods.

In turn, developers have readily stepped up their game with a number of keyboard-focused tweaks for jailbroken devices in order to, you know, just keep pace with Android. Virtual keyboard in iOS 7 is of course translucent and like other frosty panels seen throughout the system shows heavily blurred content underneath to an arguably stunning effect.

Apart from the visual updates, we have noticed a few under-the-hood improvements in iOS 7 seemingly aimed at making the iPhone's predictive keyboard smarter. Go past the fold for the full breakdown...

A closer look at App Store in iOS 7

Like all stock apps, the App Store on iOS 7 has been graced with a sprinkle of Jony Ive's magic. Not only does the storefront looks a lot nicer now - gone is the dark-themed look in favor for sleek appearance with lots of white space for easier reading - the app is way smoother and nimbler than on iOS 6.

It also features several enhancements that will appeal to pretty much everyone, from parents and their kids to power users to the likes of Senator John McCain who will love not having to manually update apps on his iPhone. Here's a quick look at all the changes in App Store on iOS 7...

Features MIA in iOS 7

I'm sure technophiles by now are aware that Apple restricts beta code to registered developers, but that didn't stop iOS 7 Beta 1 from popping up in a lot of places on the web.

You can't blame the curious types for wanting to get a taste of Apple's most important software upgrade since the iPhone's inception.

But as a side-effect, those unfamiliar with Apple's betas are taking to blogs to write about crashes, UI inconsistencies and allegedly missing features. To be fair, teething issues are the norm for major software releases, let alone betas.

But tell that to concerned citizens who are blogging about iOS 7 "issues". We've scourged the web for top complaints in order to lay out Apple's thought process and explain why some features are "missing" in the first beta and what can be expected from upcoming beta releases...

A closer look at Messages in iOS 7

Messaging is arguably one of the most oft-used features of mobile devices. And with folks overwhelmingly embracing services like WhatsApp, little wonder instant messaging has overtaken traditional SMS by volume. The October 2011 iMessage unveiling signaled an era of frictionless communication between Apple device owners, made convenient by blurring the line between SMS and IM.

iOS 7 elevates that experience by making it prettier while implementing a few evolutionary improvements. That said, the iOS 7 Messages app is nonetheless a pretty big departure from iOS 6. But don't worry - iDB has you covered...

A closer look at the new Notification Center in iOS 7

From the moment you lay eyes on iOS 7, you can tell that it's completely different than any of the previous versions of Apple's mobile OS. The entire system has been redesigned, from the Lock screen to the app icons, and everything in between.

We've taken brief peeks at a lot of the changes that we've spotted thus far in iOS 7 over the past few days, but we felt some of them deserved a more in-depth look, like the all new Notification Center. It's better looking now, and quite a bit smarter...