CES 2015

New screen protector wants to stop your iPhone 6 Plus from bending for $45

Japan-based Patchworks wants to stop your iPhone 6 Plus from bending with its new ITG Edge protector that adds another layer of protection to your handset from "#Bendgate".

Following several reports of iPhone 6 Plus' bending in pockets, the ITG Edge protector is launching in the US to add a 0.4mm-thick, 11g sheet of tempered glass with a bevel of liquid silicon to match the edges, on top of your handset.

iDB travels to CES 2015

The long and weary January expedition to International CES is now upon the consumer electronics industry. Each year, the entire industry descends upon Las Vegas, NV with more than 150,000 attendees. Noted as one of the largest trade shows in the world, CES is quite a spectacle. Everything from app powered toothbrush games to global players like Sony, Samsung, and LG will be in attendance.

Each year, we head out to the event in hopes of learning about new iOS devices and accessories. Through a week's worth of events, press conferences, and booth meetings, the upcoming landscape for Apple-related tech is revealed. From Sunday, January 4 through Friday, January 9, I will be trekking across Vegas' strip in search of the newest items, which will hopefully include Apple Watch accessories.

CES 2015 marks my third consecutive trip and having two previous shows under my belt, the planning strategy this year continues to evolve with my experience. Three trips hardly make one an expert, but no longer an amateur, my novice skills are at work in preparation for one of the most exciting weeks of the consumer electronic year. I will be flying out on Saturday, January 3, getting settled in, then surviving the next seven days.