Cellular Apple Watch

Cellular Apple Watch saved this guy’s life

The Series 3 Apple Watch hasn't been out for long but it is already potentially saving people's lives. The latest is a kitesurfer who crashed and became stranded a mile off the coast of Ventura, California. If that wasn't enough, it also happened to be great white shark infested waters. Luckily, the Apple Watch's cellular connectivity allowed him to call for help.

Video: Top 16 new features of Apple Watch Series 3

Now that the Apple Watch Series 3 is out, we've had some time to play with it and extract the best features for the new device. None of these are watchOS 4 related, which is full of its own goodies, so we focused just on features exclusive to the new Apple Watch Series 3 model.

AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile will charge $10 per month for cellular Apple Watch service

With some Apple Watch Series 3 models gaining cellular support, the big unknown from Apple's event was the cost of that add-on to users' existing phone plans. We've now had that answer as AT&T and Verizon have revealed to The Street that they will both charge $10 per month. T-Mobile also confirmed to iDB reader Matthew M. that the carrier will also be charging $10 per month.