Cellular Apple Watch saved this guy’s life

The Series 3 Apple Watch hasn’t been out for long but it is already potentially saving people’s lives. The latest is a kitesurfer who crashed and became stranded a mile off the coast of Ventura, California. If that wasn’t enough, it also happened to be great white shark infested waters. Luckily, the Apple Watch’s cellular connectivity allowed him to call for help.

The Daily Mail has the exclusive article on how 49 year old filmmaker John Zilles lost his hydrofoil after a huge wipeout. He then realized how far offshore he was, and that he was in a particular area where a great white shark nursery was recently discovered.

“I had a huge wipeout, and my hydrofoil skated away from me.” he said in a statement to the Daily Mail.

He had initially forgotten about the Apple Watch’s cellular capabilities, only remembering when he glanced down at the time. He then called his kids to let them know he would be late, as well as to get the number for the coastguard.

He called the coastguard and gave them his rough location, and was able to help guide them towards him.

We expect to hear more stories like this as time goes on and more people get their hands on Apple’s latest wearable.