Electra update adds tihmstar’s new v1ntex exploit, brings support for A7, A8 devices

It didn’t take long after tihmstar released his voucher_swap-like v1ntex exploit with support for 4K devices, for the Electra Team to roll out an update to Electra with official support for A7[X] and A8[X] devices. Version 1.2.3 is now the latest iteration of Electra available to the public.

The Electra Team made the announcement on Twitter Thursday morning, explaining that they had replaced tihmstar’s threadm1ll exploit with the v1ntex variety for A7[X] and A8[X] devices, a move that makes Electra universally-supported among all devices running iOS 11.0-11.4.1:

Tihmstar releases v1ntex, a voucher_swap-like exploit for 4K devices (16K support coming soon)

Just a couple of days ago, security researcher Brandon Azad released his voucher_swap exploit for 16K devices (A9[X], A10[X], A11[X]), but the exploit didn’t support 4K devices (A7[X], A8[X]), resulting in some devices being unsupported by the recent updates to the Electra and unc0ver jailbreaks.

On a more positive note, hacking guru tihmstar seems to have a solution. Thursday morning, he Tweeted his version of the voucher_swap exploit, subtly named v1ntex. Astonishingly, the exploit supports 4K devices, whereas Brandon Azad’s exploit did not: