Apple TV+ series ‘Mr. Corman’ won’t be returning for a second season

Poster artwork promoting Apple TV+ dark comedy series "Mr. Corman"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt brought the TV series Mr. Corman to Apple TV+ back in August of this year. The show recently aired its first season finale, which would normally lead to expectations for a second season debut. Especially when it comes to Apple TV+, which, up to this point, hasn't gone out of its way to cancel many shows. But we can count Gordon-Levitt's series as one of the few.

How to unzoom iPhone and entirely turn this feature off

How to unzoom iPhone Screen

Zoom is an iOS accessibility feature, which, as the name suggests, zooms or enlarges the contents on the screen, making it easier for people with weak eyesight. If you accidentally enabled this option, navigating the iPhone screen may get challenging and tapping the buttons confusing.

But worry not. Here is how to unzoom iPhone or iPad screen and return everything to normal. After that, we will also see how to turn off this feature, so it does not trouble you again in the future.

Chris Miller and Phil Lord’s murder mystery comedy ‘The Afterparty’ debuts January 2022 on Apple TV+

After an initial report that told us Chris Miller and Phil Lord, of The Lego Movie fame, were working on a murder mystery comedy for Apple TV+, things went dark. And that was way back in June of last year. But now, all this time later, we not only know when the new series will arrive on Apple's streaming service, but we also have the first teaser trailer.

Get $50 off this highly-rated smart air quality monitor


Dwelling air quality is one of those things that you probably never think about, but it could have a significant impact on your health. With that in mind, you may want to consider picking up one of these air quality monitors from Airthings. It's smart, extremely well-reviewed, and right now it's $50 off.

How to use Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., in Files app on iPhone and iPad

How to use Google Drive, Dropbox, etc, in Files app on iPhone and iPad

Apple introduced the Files app in iOS 11, and it has stayed on all subsequent versions, including iOS 15. The Files app is the built-in iPhone file manager to store documents, videos, projects, and just about anything. By default, it lets you save and access files in iCloud Drive and locally On My iPhone.

But you can also easily enable third-party apps and services like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, Box, and more inside the iPhone or iPad Files app. Once that's done, it becomes easy to move data among different locations. Let us show you how to do this.