Apple Music app now available on LG smart TVs

As Apple continues to expand its services, availability is key. And reaching beyond the walled garden. As a result, some services like Apple Music --which just makes sense to be on as many products as possible-- continues to expand. Here we are with LG smart TVs.

The best office chairs you can buy right now

Working from home is still an option for a lot of employees out there. Which is why it's so important to have the best possible products and accessories to help get the job done on a daily basis. So, here in this roundup, you'll find some great options for something to sit on.

Apple issues firmware updates for AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro

From time to time, Apple will release minor software updates for its accessories. In most cases, this isn't meant to welcome a whole host of new features to the mix. Sometimes it does add new elements, though. Unfortunately, for the latest updates for Apple's truly wireless headphones, there doesn't appear to be any of that.

How to stop your iPhone from converting image file formats (PNG to JPG) when AirDropping them

How to stop iPhone from converting images before sending

Are you sending images via AirDrop from your iPhone to Mac, and the image format changes while transferring? For instance, you have the image in PNG format on your iPhone, but after sharing it with AirDrop, it appears on the Mac as a JPG file. If you face a similar situation, here's how to transfer images from iPhone to Mac in original file format, at full-quality with all its Exif data and everything.