How to make a GIF on iPhone

Ways to create GIF on iPhone

GIFs are animated images that play continuously in a loop. You can turn your still photos, Live Photos, and videos into GIFs on your iPhone and iPad. In this tutorial, we show you 4 free ways to create GIFs on your iPhone and save or share them.

At least one analyst is skeptical about that rumored 12-inch MacBook

Is Apple going to launch a brand new 12-inch laptop sometime in the near future? It's certainly a possibility, in the sense it's Apple we're talking about and they can basically do whatever they want when it comes to launching new hardware. And there are certainly plenty of rumors out there suggesting just that. But at least one analyst isn't so sure.

Colorful pencils wallpapers for iPhone pack

I actually can't remember the last time I used a real pencil. Maybe grade school? I am all-in on the digital transformation and when I want to write something down, I use a Uni-Ball Vision Elite 7.0 colored pen. I'm picky.

But, sometimes you just want to do something analogue. Maybe that's jotting down that quick shopping list, creating art, or just coloring. These colored pencil wallpapers for iPhone are a far cry of the Apple Pencil technology, but, make incredible backgrounds.