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I'm an Apple enthusiast by all measures, but that does not keep me from calling a spade a spade when it's needed. Living in Melbourne, Australia. Follow me on Twitter @melbsteve !

Plant a tree and get things done with Forest

Phubbing – snubbing somebody or shirking commitments in favour of your iPhone – has become sadly rife in this day and age. Forest, an app poised to go against the grain, strives to combat just that. Time to lock your phone and buckle down for work!

How to segment your Apple Watch workout mid session

The new watchOS launching in fall sure promises a bevy of updates for your Workout app, but until then we still have sufficient time to soak up up all the ins and outs of the incumbent watchOS 3. With that, let’s talk about Segments, an almost closeted tool that will help you delineate any ongoing workout.