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How to launch apps on your iPhone with Alfred

Did you know you can launch an iPhone app or respring your iDevice using Alfred for Mac? It's actually possible. You can invoke a hotkey, type Respring into your Mac, and your iPhone SpringBoard will restart automatically.

This tutorial is not for the feint of heart. It helps if you have a general understanding of OpenSSH, the command line, and scripting with AppleScript or Python. You will need to have a Mac with administrator rights and a jailbroken iDevice. Read on to get started...

Deadmans Run, a racing game sensation with steampunk style

A new racing game has just launched in iTunes, developed by Nightfall Interactive, Deadmans Run is action-heavy combat/racing fusion fun starring upgradable steampunk inspired hover cars. If it sounds to you like this game has a lot going on, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Non-stop action and content that shines in both quality and quantity make Deadmans Run the hottest new launch to hit the App Store in some time...

iPad for Academics: setup, workflow, and accessories

With the rise of iPads in education continuing at a steady pace, it only seems natural to find ways to replace PC-dependent methods of academic work. Over the past year, I have tasked myself with replacing traditional education methods with the functionality of my iPad, from reading textbooks to taking lecture notes. Only recently have I taken the ultimate challenge: completing an entire research paper using only Apple's groundbreaking tablet, from conception to submission.

In trying to find solutions to the glaring obstacles in my path, I devised a workflow to make this task feasible. I compiled a list of strategies, study habits, iOS apps, accessories, and web apps that made me more efficient in everything from research to writing...

The best business card apps

Over the past half of a decade, digital connections have become more common than real life interactions. You can easily "meet" people via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn without ever having to shake their hand at a meeting. However, business cards, in one form or another, are still an important part of connecting in real life. So, it is important to find the best way to manage your business cards in a digital age. It is also a good idea to know how to make a great impression on someone with just a small amount of information.

There are two different types of business card apps. One type creates a digital business card that you can share with others wirelessly. The other turns physical business cards into digital ones so you don't have to keep stacks of them in your wallet.

Jailbreaker’s Choice: top five free tweaks roundup

Well readers, the results are in for our second Jailbreak's Choice. Your votes have been counted for the top five free jailbreak tweaks. Over 150 iDB readers shared their favorite free downloads from Cydia, and the results are a bit surprising.

Among the most popular are a few expected veterans and a few essential newcomers. Read on to see the results of the poll and to cast your vote for the number one tweak…

Groove 2: the best universal music app for iOS

Groove 2 by Zikera is a perfect blend of beautiful design and enhanced music playback functionality. The developers describe it as "a music player that studies your listening habits and creates a wide variety of instant mixes like your own personal DJ." I have found this claim to be highly accurate and I haven't had to manually create an iTunes playlist since.

This universal app brings both a gorgeous visual design and an impressive set of features for listening to synced music on your device. If streaming radio isn't your thing, then you will be very satisfied by the Groove 2 experience. It's definitely worth downloading. Read on to discover why...

Jailbreaker’s Choice: vote for the best free tweaks

It's time to vote your for favorite free jailbreak tweaks. There are hundreds of great products in Cydia, and a majority of them are free. We want to know which ones you like the most and which ones are simply essential to any jailbroken device.

Here are the rules...

MotionX Sleep: a sleep cycle alarm clock done right

Do you hate your alarm clock? I certainly did. I have broken many snooze buttons over the years. That's why I'm so excited to have finally found an iPhone app that wakes me up.

MotionX is known for their wonderful navigation apps including MotionX GPS and GPS Drive. MotionX Sleep is their latest addition to their iPhone offerings and unsurprisingly it's a wonderful experience...

PadSync: a great looking iTunes file sharing alternative

PadSync from ecamm is yet another way to access the documents folders of apps on your iDevice. The interface is very similar to iTunes File Sharing, located in the device view of a synced device. The main advantage is that you don't need iTunes running to use it.

Maybe not enough apps you use have added iCloud support yet. Or perhaps you want to be able to easily drag and drop movie files into your movie app from your computer without performing a full iTunes sync. The rest of you might need an easy way to drag a document from your iPhone or iPad to your desktop. Let's take a look at how PadSync can help…

Awesome Calendar: when you can do it all, anything’s possible

Yunasoft’s new productivity/utility entry in the iTunes App Store, Awesome Calendar, boasts big about its capabilities. As well it should. After all, one of the first things smartphones were supposed to do, and do well, was help us balance busy schedules.  Time management apps have to go the extra mile to impress us, and the all-in-one tool Awesome Calendar looks like it might just outpace the competition.

Feature set meets interface is the name of the game when multifunctional is the main requirement, and Awesome Calendar does a beautiful job of marrying the two. Its calendar, notepad, and to-do list modules work in concert to bring users lives into productive harmony.  Each of these aspects feature some extra functionality to make them shine, with Awesome Calendar’s superior design balancing form and function along the way...

How to Enable OmniFocus Siri Reminders on iPhone 4

OmniFocus for iPhone4 Siri

OmniFocus for iPhone is a great productivity tool. With Apple’s new iPhone OS came integration with Reminders and Siri. When enabled, OmniFocus will check the Reminders app for new tasks, add them to your Inbox, and remove them from your Reminders list. This holds true for Reminders created using Siri in addition to those entered manually.

However, for some reason, The Omni Group limited the powerful new iOS 5 integration to iPhone 4S users. The good news is if you’re an iPhone 4 user, you can enable Reminders and Siri integration with a little bit of preference file editing. This trick does not affect the OmniFocus app’s performance, stability or existing functionality. Here’s how to do it…

New iPad owners experiencing overheating issue?

The new iPad finally landed in consumer hands on Friday, March 16th and it looks like there are already people noticing an issue with Apple's newest tablet.

A growing number of users over at MacRumors forums and Apple support forums claim that the lower left-hand corner of their new iPad gets warm, or evern extremely hot in some cases...