Deadmans Run, a racing game sensation with steampunk style

A new racing game has just launched in iTunes, developed by Nightfall Interactive, Deadmans Run is action-heavy combat/racing fusion fun starring upgradable steampunk inspired hover cars. If it sounds to you like this game has a lot going on, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Non-stop action and content that shines in both quality and quantity make Deadmans Run the hottest new launch to hit the App Store in some time…


In Deadmans Run, combat racing is a cross between street drag racing and a demolition derby with some artillery added into the mix for additional flavor. And no one has ever seen cars this sleek in a drag race, let alone a demolition derby. A sleek, seductive selection inspired by classic luxury vehicles like the Rolls Royce Wraith that float above the tarmac, these are cars that pack serious power in their looks alone. But looks alone won’t dominate the alleys and streets in this showdown, and building the most badass battle car to ever see combat is priority one in Deadmans Run.

Okay, maybe it’s actually priority two, because racing games always require a bit of adjustment to master their unique control sensitivity and set up. A major plus in Deadmans Run, though, is that there’s little to no learning curve to the control system because it offers plenty of customization and a calibration mode as soon as you enter the game for the first time.  Camera angle and height, control sensitivity, auto vs. manual gas controls are all included in this self-customizable interface.

It’s the cars that stand out most in Deadmans Run, and virtually driving them is icing on the cake. The cars are even more customizable than your controls, and with 6 cars to choose from and five tiers of upgrades to exploit, there’s a lot of carburetor eye candy in Deadmans Run. Armor, weaponry, engine upgrades, and body work will make each Deadmans Run deathracer unique to the player.

More importantly in terms of gameplay, those upgrades will make the car competitive with the 20 enemy racers encountered in the game. There’s timed trial mode to hone your driving skills, also — and it includes each and every track in the game. Simply collecting the “3 skull” max score on each track with each car is a good time.

Deadmans Run’s 3D graphics and gangster-meets-steampunk style give it more visual impact than any other racing game in the App Store. Excellent replay value and quality content make Deadmans Run a steal at $0.99, so gas up your get-away car and download it today.