OneSettings tweak that brings Samsung’s OneUI Settings layout to iPhone updated to v2.0 with rootless support

Just a couple of years ago, we showed you a jailbreak tweak called OneSettings by iOS developer Nightwind that could mimic the Settings layout of Samsung’s OneUI on the iPhone.

OneSettings version 2.0.

OneSettings quickly became a hit because of how much better it made the Settings app look and feel, and as of this week, version 2.0 is now available with full support for rootless jailbreaks such as Dopamine and palera1n-c, as well as other improvements that users may want to take advantage of.

There are so many options and settings included with OneSettings that we strongly recommend checking out our original review if you want to know more about what it’s capable of. As for what’s new, here’s the official change log:

– Adapted towards rootless devices on iOS 15
– General bug fixes geared towards the stability of the tweak
– GIF Support for Banners
– Manual Slider Adjustment; you can now double tap on slider cells in order to change their value manually
– Removed iOS 13 Support; due to issues with the old ABI, iOS 13 support has been removed. iOS 13 users can still use 1.4.1.

Worthy of note, OneSettings version 2.0 has dropped support for iOS 13. The developer states that this was a necessary sacrifice because of issues with the old ABI. If you’re an iOS 13 user and want to use OneSettings, then you’ll have to use version 1.4.1 instead of version 2.0.

The latest version of OneSettings is available for $1.49 from the Chariz repository via any package manager app and supports jailbroken iOS 14, 15, and 16 devices, including rootless ones.

Are you planning to take advantage of the latest version of OneSettings? Let us know in the comments section down below.