How to disable tweak injection on the Dopamine jailbreak for troubleshooting purposes

Sometimes when installing or using jailbreak tweaks, you might come across one that doesn’t behave exactly like you’d expect it to. In the worst-case scenario, you might find yourself in a respring loop or being unable to control your device.

Dopamine jailbreak icon banner.

When this happens, the best course of action is to attempt disabling tweak injection, which effectively works by halting all jailbreak-related processes so that you can open your package manager app, such as Sileo or Zebra, and remove the offending tweak so that you can return to normalcy.

In today’s tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process of disabling tweak injection on a device that has been jailbroken with the Dopamine jailbreak tool by Lars Fröder for A12-A15 devices running iOS or iPadOS 15.0-15.4.1.

Why to disable tweak injection?

Temporarily disabling tweak injection can help you out of a ton of sticky situations in which you might think you need to restore and lose your jailbreak as the result of a malfunctioning jailbreak tweak. Examples include respring loops, unresponsive touch screens, black screens, and more…

Respring screen.
You might see a never-ending screen like this if a jailbreak tweak conflict occurs, known as a respring loop.

Fortunately, a full system restore is seldom ever necessary to resolve jailbreak tweak-related issues, and using the method we’re about to discuss in today’s tutorial to disable tweak injection will help you remove any tweaks that have caused an unstable device.

After you have disabled tweak injection and removed the offending jailbreak tweak, you are free to re-enable tweak injection so that all your other jailbreak tweaks and add-ons may resume their regular functionality.

Please note that you should rarely need to disable tweak injection on your device, as it’s a good thing. This process should only be used for troubleshooting purposes only. If you aren’t having any issues, then you can and should leave tweak injection turned on so that your other jailbreak tweaks can operate as designed.

How to disable tweak injection on Dopamine

If you’re ready to disable tweak injection on your Dopamine-jailbroken iPhone or iPad, then you can follow the steps outlined below:

1) If your device is stuck in a respring loop, force restart your device by pressing and holding the volume up and power button until the device reboots.

Note: You may also force-restart if your display becomes unresponsive or black. If you are able to control your iPhone normally, then move on the next step.

2) Launch the Dopamine app on your Home Screen:

Open the Dopamine app.

3) Tap on the Settings button in the list:

Tap on the Settings option.

4) Turn off the Tweak Injection option:

Turn off Tweak Injection in Dopamine jailbreak.

5) Tap anywhere outside of the pop-up to return to the main interface and tap the Jailbreak button:

Disable tweak injection Jailbreak button.

Note: The device will begin jailbreaking without tweak injection:

Dopamine app re-jailbreaking.

Note: The device will restart and you will be re-jailbroken without tweak injection. You may then safely uninstall the conflicting jailbreak tweak from your package manager app.

Turning tweak injection back on

After you’ve removed an offending jailbreak tweak, you can turn tweak injection back on to resume normal jailbreak tweak functionality. To do that, follow these steps:

1) Launch the Dopamine app on your Home Screen:

Open the Dopamine app.

2) Turn on the Tweak Injection option:

Re-enable tweak injection Dopamine.

3) In the subsequent pop-up, tap on Reboot Userspace:

Dopamine tweak injection reboot userspace prompt.

Note: When the device boots back up, tweak injection will be re-enabled and you can begin using your jailbreak tweaks again.

That’s all there is to it!


Now that you know how to disable tweak injection on your Dopamine-jailbroken iPhone, troubleshooting potentially problematic jailbreak tweaks should be an effortless endeavor.

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Were you able to disable tweak injection for troubleshooting on your device? Let us know in the comments section down below.