NoisyFlake updates Velvet 2 notification banner customizing tweak with rootless support

Fans of the popular Velvet 2 jailbreak tweak by iOS developer NoisyFlake will be excited to know that the tweak has gained rootless support just in time for the recent Dopamine jailbreak launch.

Velvet 2 rootless support.

Velvet 2 provides a swath of options for customizing your notification banners’ aesthetics. Among those are custom colors, gradients, outlines, backgrounds, and icon styles, among other things.

Even cooler is that users can configure per-app customization settings, which makes it possible to make certain apps’ notifications more eye-catching than others.

One of my favorite parts about Velvet 2 is having personally-customized notifications that I actually get excited to see. While I’d typically get frustrated by notification banners popping up over my limited display workspace, Velvet 2 changes my entire attitude toward notifications as a whole by making them more pleasant.

We first showed our readers Velvet 2 back in December, and while it was originally only intended for iOS & iPadOS 15 devices jailbroken via the rootful palera1n and XinaA15 tools, the newfangled support for rootless jailbreaks like Dopamine and even for iOS & iPadOS 16 means that more users can take advantage of it.

Velvet 2 is and has always been a $2.99 purchase from the Chariz repository. If you’re an existing user, then the latest update is a free one.

Are you going to be customizing your notification banners with the Velvet 2 tweak? Let us know in the comments section down below.