Zebra package manager updated to v1.1.31 with a stack of improvements

Immediately following last night’s launch of the Dopamine jailbreak tool for A12-A15 devices running iOS & iPadOS 15.0-15.4.1, the Zebra Team released an updated version of the Zebra package manager app in the form of version 1.1.31.

Zebra updated to v1.1.31.

The latest Zebra release, announced via Twitter late last night, appears to incorporate the following enhancements for users:

Zebra now filters non-rootless packages from appearing in package lists on rootless jailbreaks, and vice versa. We made this change after community feedback from Zebra 1.1.29 – 1.1.30’s initial approach of displaying all packages. Incompatible packages still appear on the Search tab, but will appear dimmed to show they aren’t supported. If you’d like to change back to the original behavior, you can find a “Show Incompatible Packages” toggle under Settings → Filters.
– Fixes packages displaying a rootless incompatibility error message when adding to the queue, when a compatible package does in fact exist.
– Fixes crashes while navigating the app due to an Apple bug in iOS 15.0 – 15.1.1. (Contributed by @opa334 – thanks!)
– Prepares for the Dopamine jailbreak release.
– Adds jailbreak configuration information to the support email template.
– Adds support for importing sources from Sileo Nightly builds.
– Adds detection for many (hopefully all) iOS 9 – 10 jailbreaks so Zebra can correctly list their names in the Home footer. (Contributed by @staturnzz – thanks!)
– Fixes Zebra entering Demo Mode on some iOS 9 – 10 jailbreaks. (Contributed by @staturnzz – thanks!)
– Fixes Zebra crashing on launch on 32-bit devices.
– Fixes a UI issue when switching app themes on iOS 9 – 12. (Contributed by @PoomSmart – thanks!)
– Fixes the “Enter Source URL” prompt being displayed for sources that are already installed when opening an external link into Zebra.
– Fixes a crash when viewing a repository with a malformed featured packages list.

Worthy of note, this update not only brings an entire stack of improvements to the software, but makes it more compatible with rootless jailbreaks and enhances the user experience on rootful jailbreaks as well.

Zebra is one of two major package manager apps that works flawlessly on modern iOS & iPadOS 15 and 16 jailbreaks, whether they’re rootful or rootless, with the other being Sileo. It’s one of the options that can be installed when jailbreaking with Dopamine right out of the box, but it can also be installed after the fact on any jailbreak.

Zebra keeps its design language simple. Many have referred to Zebra as the Cydia alternative for newer versions of iOS with dark mode support, but as Cydia no longer receives official updates, the once iconic package manager for jailbroken iPhones and iPads can’t be used on iOS & iPadOS 15 or later.

If you’re already a Zebra package manager app user, then you can find the update in your package manager by refreshing your sources. Anyone that isn’t already using Zebra can install it manually by adding the following source to their package manager app:


Have you updated to the latest version of the Zebra package manager app yet? Let us know in the comments section down below.