Sideloady updated to v0.41.1 with JIT compiling support, improved Mail plug-in, & more…

The Sideloady Team took to /r/jailbreak late Tuesday night to announce a new update to the popular AltStore alternative for sideloading apps into iPhones and iPads, and also to reveal some of what’s new in several recent automatic updates.
Sideloady app icon.

Citing the post, the latest Sideloady update comes in the form of version 0.41.1 and introduces the following changes:

0.41.1 Update Changelog

– Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation has been added to Sideloadly! JIT can be enabled from the daemon’s menu and it will automatically open & enable JIT on the selected iOS app.
– macOS Mail Plug-In will now dynamically update itself to support your current & future macOS versions. This means the Mail Plug-In will always be up to date and working so you should no longer see the dreaded “Incompatible Plug-In” message.
– Sideloadly macOS notifications are now working as intended.
– Fixed an issue where a custom app icon would not be applied on automatic refreshes.
– Fixed an issue where automatically refreshed Apple Silicon apps would install as new instead of refreshing already installed app.
– Fixed an issue which caused daemon launches to fail on macOS.
– Various minor improvements & bug fixes.

One of the most substantial changes in this update is the addition of JIT (Just-In-Time) compilation. If this sounds familiar, then it’s because AltStore already has this feature. This update finally brings Sideloady up to speed with its biggest competitor in the sideloading biz.

The additional changes will elevate the user experience in ways that may not necessarily be noticed by end users, but will make substantial differences in the number of issues that users could otherwise run into, such as ensuring that the Mail plugin dynamically updated to support your version of macOS.

The post also details some of what’s new in the latest auto-updates, which may have been missed if you haven’t been paying attention. We’ve included those change logs for your reading pleasure below:

0.40.5 Update Changelog

– Improved how Sideloadly handles IPA files so Windows Defender is less sensitive towards them. This effectively decreases the detections coming from Windows Defender.
– Fixed an issue which caused the “IPA file not found” error. This happened because Windows Defender would quarantine the cached .IPA file.
– Fixed an issue where Sideloadly was using the cached dylib name on automatic refreshes instead of the original name.
– Fixed an issue with preventing custom app icon from working.
– Fixed an issue where Sideloadly would crash upon exporting an IPA with no devices detected.
– Fixed an issue which would cause multiple unwanted tweak injections. If you’re still experiencing this, let us know!

0.40.4 Update Changelog

– Improved the communication between Sideloadly & the auto refresh daemon.
– Added Mail Plug-In support for macOS 13.3. We’re also working on further improving the Mail Plug-In.
– Further improved notifications by mentioning which device the app was refreshed for.
– Fixed an issue where Sideloadly would crash after setting a custom app icon.
– Fixed an issue where the installation would halt if Patreon pledge failed to be fetched.
– Fixed an issue where the daemon would try to inject a previous tweak into a new IPA.
– Fixed an issue where the daemon would not respect custom set bundle IDs.
– Fixed an issue which caused a “caching size mismatch” error.
– Various other minor bug fixes and improvements.

0.40.3 Update Changelog

– Better support for Apple IDs enrolled in the Apple Developer Program (paid Apple IDs). Now you can sideload just as you would with a normal Apple ID and Sideloadly will take care of the rest!
– Improved & further decreased the amount of notifications coming from the Sideloadly Daemon.
– Added a new option to enable/disable the Sideloadly Daemon from launching on startup. If the daemon does not launch on computer startup, the automatic app refresh feature will be disabled.
– Sideloadly will now enroll an app for automatic refresh only if the app installation was successful.
– If an app fails to automatically refresh after 3 tries, we will now send a notification for manual review by the user.
– Improvements were made to the daemon’s menu so there’s less clutter.
– Sideloadly will now cache deb injections so the daemon will use the cached version when refreshing.
– “No Anisette” option was removed as it was no longer working and unnecessary with the new paid Apple ID changes.
– Fixed an issue with automatic refreshing on iOS 13 & lower devices.
– Fixed an issue where tweak injections would sometimes be duplicated on the daemon causing the installation to fail.

Also included in 0.40.2 & 0.40.1 update

– Fixed a caching issue with automatic app refreshing.
– Toned down the amount of notifications coming from the Sideloadly Daemon.
– Reduced auto refresh related error messages so you won’t be interrupted if something happens and causes the sideload to fail. Sideloadly will simply attempt to sideload again after a few hours.
– Fixed incompatible macOS Mail Plug-In issue.
– A Terminal window on macOS will now no longer appear when the daemon launches.
– Sideloadly Daemon will automatically launch itself now after being updated.

The latest update to Sideloady will be installed automatically upon launching the program on your Mac. If you’re not already using Sideloady, and you’re interested in getting started, then you may head over to the project’s official website to download it.

Sideloady is available for both macOS and Windows computers. You do not need to have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad to sideload apps; you merely need an Apple ID registered with a free Apple Developer account.

Have you updated to the latest version of Sideloady yet? Let us know in the comments section down below.