Meizu 20 Pro wallpapers pack for iPhone

On Sunday, we release all new background images for your favorite Apple devices. The Wallpapers of the Week collection is a growing, curated experience that is not afraid to borrow inspiration from other hardware. While not common, every now and then borrowing a few backgrounds from competing handsets is acceptable. Today, we have a small pack from the upcoming Meizu 20 Pro wallpapers.

Meizu 20 Pro wallpapers

As an Apple-only person, I only keep a skeptical eye on other handsets. And, I usually only take a quick look at major hardware competitors like Samsung and Google. Admittedly, the Meizu brand was new to me. According to YTECHB, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer announced an upcoming handset series, the Meizu 20, Meizu 20 Pro, and Meizu 20 Infinity. With an LTPO OLED display and 144Hz refresh rate, it will have a decent screen. To pair with that panel, there are wallpapers specifically designed for the handset.

Thanks to @jianoliu for hosting the full collection. The account regularly posts incredible wallpapers and also has a telegram channel full of great backgrounds. Go give it a follow!

From the post of Meizu 20 Pro options, I grabbed some of my favorites for our iDB gallery and reposted them below. Not surprisingly, I’m still on this purple kick. Any Wallpapers of the Week regulars will know this purple preference has been going for about a full year, starting with the M1 iMac and only further obsessing thanks to the Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro.

Consequently, I really love the purple orb wallpaper. It very vaguely reminds me of the iPhone XS wallpaper series from Apple. Although, I do also find the green stones and leaf wallpaper compelling, given the fresh color and it being springtime.

Meizu 20 Pro orb in pink wallpaper Download
Meizu 20 Pro wallpaper in orb yellow Download

Meizu 20 Pro wallpaper in purple orb Download
Stones in green Meizu 20 Pro wallpaper Download

Peach curves Meizu Pro 20 wallpaper Download
Purple curves Meizu Pro 20 wallpaper Download

Abstract purple Meizu 20 Pro wallpaper Download
Blue glass wallpaper Meizu 20 Pro Download

If you want even more versions of the Meizu 20 Pro wallpapers, then check this tweet by @jianoliu for more.

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