Elias Limneos updates BioProtect XS, Dynamic Peninsula jailbreak tweaks with rootless support

More and more jailbreak tweaks have been adding support for the rootless jailbreaking dynamic ever since Fugu15 Max and palera1n-c made it evident that this would be the future of jailbreaking for iOS & iPadOS 15 and later.

Limneos updates BioProtect XS and DynamicPeninsula for rootless.

Joining the increasing arsenal of tweaks that support rootless are a bevy of Elias Limneos’ high quality add-ons, including recent updates to tweaks I very much enjoy using such as BioProtect XS and Dynamic Peninsula.

In a set of Tweets, shown above, Elias Limneos noted that rootless supposed had been built into BioProtect XS as of version 4.6-30, and built into DynamicPeninsula as of version 0.6-14.

BioProtect XS

BioProtect XS

BioProtect XS is a tweak that can be used to secure more elements of an iPhone or iPad with Face ID or Touch ID. This might include requesting biometric authentication to open certain apps or to access certain interfaces or features.

Dynamic Peninsula

Elias Limneos Dynamic Peninsula tweak.

Dynamic Peninsula, on the other hand, is a highly sought after tweak that ports Dynamic Island-esque features to devices that have the older notch-style TrueDepth system. This includes various types of interactive widgets that reflect what’s happening on your device at any moment in time and the ability to interact with those widgets at the top of your display.

Both of these updates are currently live on Elias Limneos’ personal repository, which we’ve included for you below in case you aren’t already using it:


Please note that while Fugu15 Max is a rootless public beta jailbreak for arm64e devices running iOS & iPadOS 15.0-15.4.1, project lead developer Lars Fröder (@opa334) strongly recommends against using it unless you’re a developer and advises waiting until it’s out of beta. So while it may be tempting to jump aboard now as more and more tweaks add support, you should continue waiting a little longer.

Are you excited to see high-profile jailbreak tweaks picking up rootless support? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.