iOS 16.4.1 could launch soon to fix issues with the Weather app and Wi-Fi passwords

The stopgap update would fix issues with the Weather app not loading data and Wi-Fi passwords being forgotten when switching networks.

Three iPhone mockups showing weather conditions on the iPhone Lock Screen via weather widgets and smart weather wallpaper
  • What’s happening? Apple could soon fix the Weather app serving blank screens around the world and having to re-enter your Wi-Fi passwords with iOS 16.4.1.
  • Why care? The Weather app stopped providing weather forecasts this morning. And some folks on iOS 16.4 say iPhones are forgetting their Wi-Fi passwords.
  • What to do? Keep an eye on iDownloadBlog as Apple is said to release iOS 16.4.1 real soon, either this or next week.

iOS 16.4.1 coming soon to fix Weather and Wi-Fi issues

A reliable source says iOS 16.4.1 will fix the problems with the Weather app not loading data and Wi-Fi passwords being forgotten. They apparently told MacRumors iOS 16.4.1 would be a stopgap update while iOS 16.5 remains in testing.

iOS 16.5 should mark Apple’s last major update to iOS 16 before iOS 17 is released this fall. Apple will preview everything new in iOS 17 and its other software platforms at the upcoming WWDC, which runs June 5-9 in an online format.

What’s up with Apple’s Weather app?

Many people took to social media this morning to report that Apple’s Weather app on the iPhone, iPad and Mac isn’t loading any data. Instead, it serves empty screens with no weather forecast or other information.

Apple’s System Status webpage acknowledges unspecified problems with the Weather app that began around 5am Pacific Time.

The company wrote that the Weather service “may be slow or unreliable,” but it’s not available for many people. It’s unclear what percentage of users might be seeing this issue. Apple says that “some users” are affected.

An earlier status said that only next-hour precipitation was unavailable for Alaska “due to a data provider outage,” but things quickly escalated from there.

I can confirm having intermittent issues with Weather data since updating to iOS 16.4, but this is the first time it wouldn’t load any data for me.

Whatever the problem, it’s affected the Weather app across Apple platforms like iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and macOS. One poster reported seeing it in the bug-fix iOS 15.7.4 update that only works on older devices.

iOS 16 allows you to create an iPhone lock screen with the current weather forecast, but the Weather widget is also affected by the problem. iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura have brought the Weather app to the iPad and Mac for the first time.

Has iOS 16.4 forgotten your Wi-Fi passwords?

Another issue is that some people who’ve upgraded to iOS 16.4 have problems with their saved Wi-Fi passwords. Online reports claim iOS 16.4 forgets saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords if you switch or disconnect networks. We couldn’t reproduce this issue, but we’re sure it’s real for people who have been hit with it.

Have you experienced the Wi-Fi bug or the Weather app issues yet?

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