Fourth Fugu15 Max public beta released with bug fixes & improvements

The first public beta of the Fugu15 Max jailbreak for arm64e devices (A12+) running iOS & iPadOS 15.0-15.4.1 made rounds this week after initially being leaked from a semi-private developer beta testing trial.

Opa334 seeds second public beta of Fugu15 Max jailbreak.

Now, it seems a second and third public beta have been released, as first announced late Thursday night by project lead developer opa334, as shown above and again early Friday morning, as shown below:

Opa334 releases third Fugu15 Max public beta.

According to the change log for the Fugu15 Max second public beta, we can gather that the latest build brings the following changes:

Change log:

– Fix system freeze when jailbreakd crashes or restarts
– Make systemwide hook more leightweight (thanks to @Cryptiiiic)
– Fix bootstrapping error when /var/jb is a symlink that points nowhere

As for the third public beta, the changes include the following:

Change log:

– Fix initial bootstrap (Beta 2 regression)
– Fix off by one causing jailbreakd to enter a crash loop if more than 743 macho files exist in /var/jb

A fourth public beta was later released with the following changes:

Change log:

– Actually fix system freeze when jailbreakd crashes or restarts

Fugu15 Max is the working title for a jailbreak based heavily on the Fugu15 rootless jailbreak tool by Linus Henze. Henze’s build was incomplete, lacking tweak injection support and leaving a host of bugs that needed to be squashed before ordinary users could take advantage of it.

Obviously, Fugu15 Max is still only intended for developers at this moment in time despite offering tweak injection support and a fix for the dreaded Wi-Fi bug. That said, while you could try it even if you aren’t a developer, opa334 won’t offer support unless you are one, so we recommend waiting for the final release.

Regardless, the fourth Fugu15 Max is available on the developer’s GitHub page and can be perma-signed with the TrollStore utility, which opa334 is also responsible for.

Have you noticed any improvements since upgrading to the second Fugu15 Max jailbreak public beta? Let us know in the comments section down below.