Cookie Blocker, Fitness Stats, FITIFY, and other apps to check out this weekend

We made it to another weekend, everyone! That means it’s time for another Apps of the Week roundup, and we have some great picks for you this week. There’s a Safari web extension for blocking cookies, an app for aggregating your Health app data, and a 1-on-1 personal training partner. And as always, we’ve selected an awesome game for you to check out.

Cookie Blocker

Most of you are probably familiar with the character Cookie Monster, the big furry blue puppet that loves cookies so much he can’t stop eating them. This little utility is the opposite of that — it hates cookies so much, it can’t stop blocking them. More specifically, it hates those popups you see on every website: “this website uses cookies,” and then it forces you to manually set your cookie preferences. It’s essentially a Safari web extension, that works across all of your Apple devices, but there is an iPhone app you can download and use to set things up.

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Fitness Stats

Here is a sharp-looking, useful app that quickly aggregates your activity and workout data for better insights into your fitness progress. Fitness Stats calculates totals and averages across any date range using the data from the Health app, and then you can easily compare these stats across two different date ranges. Think of it as a way to quickly answer questions such as “how many steps did we walk during that last vacation?” I love the concept here, I just wish it was a little more reasonably-priced, or that there was some sort of free trial.

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FITIFY 1-on-1 Personal Trainer

Speaking of fitness, here is an app for people that want to get in better shape, but are looking for a different approach than the typical gym membership or online group class. FITIFY, not FIFTY, connects you with a personal trainer that will customize a weekly fitness plan tailored to your goals and lifestyle. You can work out on your schedule, from the comfort of your home, gym or wherever, and still get the benefits of having a personal trainer, such as daily check-ins for tips and motivation. You choose your own trainer, and you can switch any time.

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Mighty DOOM

The name just sounds cool, doesn’t it? Mighty DOOM! Anyway, this is a legit DOOM title, brought to you by renowned studio Bethesda. It’s a single touch, top-down shooter set in the animated DOOM universe that puts you at the center of the fight as you rip and tear through demon hordes from the fiery depths of Hell. This game features a ton of action, easy controls, 13 legendary weapons, upgradeable and unlockable skills and weapons, epic boss battles, and more. I can’t think of a better way to spend your weekend.

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