LiNUZE lets jailbroken devices manage non-jailbroken devices over a USB connection

If you’re looking for an interesting new way to manage iPhones and iPads while on the go, then you may want to turn your attention to the likes of a newly released toolkit called LiNUZE by iOS developer rA9stuff.

LiNUZE app examples.

As noted in the package’s depiction page, LiNUZE allows jailbroken iPhones or iPads to manage other iPhones and iPads over a USB connection. Managing those devices includes USB-centric communications such as Normal, Recovery, and DFU modes.

At the moment, LiNUZE can be used to query information about a connected device and kick said device in and out of Recovery mode. Future functionalities planned for LiNUZE include the following:

  • Jailbreaking a connected device via DFU mode
  • Setting APNonce
  • OTA downgrading compatible devices
  • Backing up and restoring backups
  • And more…

LiNUZE is said to support all iPhones and iPads running iOS & iPadOS 12.0-15.x. As for device types, its compatibility is the same as libimobiledevice.

Using LiNUZE on a jailbroken iOS or iPadOS 15 device requires palera1n rootful, as rootless jailbreaks aren’t currently supported and it’s unclear if they ever will be.

It’s important to note that while the host device that runs LiNUZE needs to be jailbroken, the secondary device you’re managing with it doesn’t need to be.

The uses for LiNUZE appear limited in its current state, but as the project matures and adds the expected features, its use cases will grow exponentially. This makes it an exciting project to keep an eye on.

If you’re interested in learning more about LiNUZE, then you can head over to the Havoc repository to read the package depiction. The package is still considered a developer beta at this time.

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