Hourlytics, Vocabulary Booster, Snoozy, and other apps to check out this weekend

The weekend is finally here, which means it’s time for another one of our Apps of the Week roundups! This week we have some great picks for you, including a productivity tracker, a vocabulary booster, and a sleep companion. And as always, we’ve selected a great game for you to check out.

Hourlytics: Mindful Logging

If you’re not getting as much done during the day as you’d like, you may have a time bandit — an unproductive task or other distraction that keeps you from accomplishing your daily goals. So how do you catch a time bandit? With a productivity tracking app like Hourlytics. Now there are a ton of these apps out there, and if you haven’t tried one yet, I’m not sure what to say to you to get you to try this one. But hey, now you know it’s there if you want to check it out.

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English – Vocabulary Booster

Speaking of self improvement, here is an app that wants to help you improve your vocabulary. Seriously. Using flashcards and spaced-repetition, this English vocab booster promises to help you learn and remember 5,000+ words. The built-in algorithm rearranges your words after each session, and depending on how well you remember them, it will increase the time interval of each word’s next repetition. You can even create your own flashcards of words you want to learn.

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Snoozy – Relax Melodies

Ok, apparently this is self-improvement week or something. But did you know that listening to tranquil music and soothing sounds before going to bed can reduce your anxiety by up to 60%? That’s what smart people are saying, anyway. Snoozy lets you play, or create your own, soothing sounds to fall asleep to. So turn off all the lights, light your eucalyptus candles, turn on Snoozy, and lay back and relax your mind. I feel like everyone needs to try this at some point, at least once.

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Doctor Who: Lost In Time

You know, I could’ve sworn I covered this game in a previous AOTW column, but since I can’t find it on the site anywhere, I’m going to do so here. Anyway, Doctor Who — the beloved British sci-fi series — is traveling to your phone via a new idle game called ‘Lost in Time.’ In it you’ll travel to classic locations, face off against well-known villains, collect character cards, and complete tasks to get Kerblam Boxes. It’s a nerdy game, based on the nerdiest show — what’s not to love?!

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