Dime, Flickonic, Voidpet, and other apps to check out this weekend

We made it to the weekend everybody! That means it’s time for another Apps of the Week roundup. This week we have some great picks, including an intuitive budget tracker, a powerful streaming companion, and gamified self-care app. And as always, we’ve selected a cool new game for you to check out.


Dime isn’t a new app, but for those still in search of a good budget tracker, it’s worth checking out. It has a simple and intuitive interface, that looks great, and it includes widgets for those who really want to stay on top of their finances. Other features include insightful breakdowns, recurring expenses, custom reminders, and much more.

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Here’s another app that’s been around for a bit, but with all of the streaming content being shoveled on us these days, we need all the help we can get to stay organized. Flickonic, which is tougher to say than it looks, is a great companion app for all your streaming needs. With it you can track what your watching, curate completed and what to watch lists, get alerts when new episodes are available, locate movies and series on any platform, and even discuss the stuff you are watching with other fans.

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It seems like the two biggest trends in mobile app development right now are Ai apps and self-care apps (I wonder if there is any correlation there?). Anyway, Voidpet is an app that gamifies mindfulness by having you collect monsters based on emotions. Befriend new pets by communicating with them in their preferred love language such as words of affirmation, meditation, and more. If you’ve had a hard time getting into the whole “mindfulness” thing, this app may help you take the first step.

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Legend of Puzzleverse

Holy cow. I’m not sure I can explain this game in a short paragraph, but we’ll give it a shot. Legend of Puzzleverse is a match-3 puzzle game, with strategy elements, that tasks you with teaming up with your favorite heroes to fight evil monsters in legendary battles to save the multiverse (see what I mean?). Heroes include King Arthur, Hercules, Captain Hook, and many more. You can collect, upgrade, and customize them all. This is the perfect game for anyone who wants a super chill, simple puzzle game (/s).

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